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TOEIC Preparation

Shafston provides full time 10 week TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) preparation for students at Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels of English.

The TOEIC test score shows how well people communicate in English with others in the workplace. This full time course prepares students in TOEIC test taking skills and English for workplace purposes.

The course focuses on the main thematic areas covered in the TOEIC test – General Business themes such as: Marketing, Shipping, Finance, Management, Product Development, Travel, Technology, Corporate Development, Personnel, Entertainment, Health, Offices, Technical Areas.

Included in the course are regular practise tests. A thorough understanding of the curriculum will allow you to:
understand the test structure;
have confidence in taking the test;
develop test strategies;
improve your test outcome;
improve your Business English and General English proficiency;
reach the TOEIC score you are aiming for.

The TOEIC test is a two part, seven section multiple choice test which consists of 200 questions.

Section 1 – Listening Comprehension
Students answer questions on a variety of statements, short conversations and short talks. There are four parts in the Listening section: Listening Comprehension – Photographs, Question-Response, Short Conversations and Short Talks.

Section 2 – Reading Comprehension
Students read a selection of materials and answer 100 questions. There are 3 parts in the Reading section: Incomplete Sentences, Error Recognition and Reading Comprehension.
Shafston is a TOEIC Testing Centre and students can sit for the TOEIC exam at Shafston.
The results are available within one week of the exam. There is no pass or fail. Students receive a TOEIC score that is the sum of the Listening and Reading scores. The TOEIC Score Report shows the overall score, reading score and listening score. The maximum score is 990.
We can assist you to register for the exam.

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