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The Sydney Business and Travel Academy

Since 1985, The Sydney Business and Travel Academy have been well known for the way in vocational education and training, enabling thousands of students to get successful careers in business, hospitality, tourism and children's services. Our mission is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications that will enhance your career prospects and give you an advantage above the rest.

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We provide a wide range of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, all accredited by the New South Wales Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board. This guarantees that your qualification will be nationally recognized and achieved to the highest standard. Our training team is committed to offering outstanding and rewarding courses which kick off a balance between practical skills and theoretical knowledge and which are truly transferable to any work environment globally



Certificate II in Business

Certificate IV in Business

Diploma of Business (Marketing)

Advanced Diploma of Business(Marketing)


Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations) 

Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations)

Certificate IV in Hospitality  (Supervision)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management


Certificate II in Tourism (Operations)

Certificate III in Tourism (International Retail Travel Sales)

Certificate IV in Tourism (Operations)

Diploma of Tourism (Operations Management)

Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management


Certificate III in Children’s Services

Diploma of Children’s Services

Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services


SBTA is conveniently situated in the centre of Sydney's bustling business district, close to shops, restaurants, cinemas, banks, major universities and popular Darling Harbour. Trains, buses, the light rail and monorail are all just a short walk away.


If you're new to Sydney, a great way to adjust yourself in our customs, culture and lifestyle is available by our homestay program. We have a network of families, all selected and monitored for quality, conveniently located within thirty minutes of SBTA.

To find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form.


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