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TAFE Tasmania offers qualifications which are well known internationally and widely so your qualification can be used to gain quality work or for advanced standing into Australia university courses. All out teachers have extensive and current industry experience. And we have lower international students so students can get high quality support. TAFE Tasmania also won the National Training Provider of the Year two times

About Us

TAFE Institutes are founded by Australian government so they offer a wide range of courses for training people for many kinds of employment areas. TAFE learning is recognised for its practical education and students can gain real work skills. The Institute of TAFE Tasmania has a lot of campuses and provides excellent vocational education and training courses.


Art and Design

      Art Craft Design
           Certficate IV in Arts Administration
         * Diploma of Art, Craft and Design
      Design and Multimedia
           Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design)
           Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Multimedia)
          Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
          Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology
          Certificate IV in Music
          Certificate IV in Music Industry (Technical Production)
          Diploma of Music Industry (Technical Production)
          Certificate IV in Screen
          Diploma of Screen

Business and Information Technology

           * Advanced Diploma of Accounting
             Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts Clerical)
             Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting)
           * Diploma of Accounting
      Business Management
           * Advanced Diploma in Business Management
           * Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management
             Certificate IV in Business Management
           * Diploma in Business Management
      Business Marketing
          * Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing
            Certificate IV in Business Marketing
          * Diploma in Business Marketing       
      Information Technology
           Certificate III in Information Technology
         * Diploma of Information Technology (General)
         * Diploma of Information Technology (Networking)
         * Diploma of Information Technology (Software Development)
         * Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Administration)
         * Diploma of Information Technology (Website Development)
           Diploma of Library/Information Services
      Office Administration
        Certificate III in Business Administration
        Certificate IV in Business Administration
        Diploma of Business Administration

Community Services

      Aged Care and Nursing
         Certificate III in Community Services (Aged Care Work)
         Certificate IV in Health (Nursing)
         Diploma of Health (Nursing)
      Children's Services
         Certificate III in Children's Services
       * Diploma of Children's Services
      Community Work
         Diploma of Community Development
         Diploma of Community Welfare Work
      Disability Work
         Certificate III in Disability Work
         Certificate IV in Disability Work


        * Advanced Diploma of Electronics Engineering
        * Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Structural Design)
        * Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering
        * Advanced Diploma of Spatial Information Systems
          Diploma of Civil Engineering
          Diploma of Mechanical Engineering
          Diploma of Spatial Information Services


        English + Vocational Studies
        Long term intensive English
        Package English
        Short Term Intensive English

Hospitality and Tourism

         * Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
           Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) 
           Certificate IV in Hospitality (Supervision)
           Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery)
         * Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
           Certificate III in Hospitality (Accommodation Operations)
           Certificate III in Hospitality (Accommodation Services)
           Certificate III in Hospitality (Café Operations)
           Certificate III in Hospitality (Food & Beverage)
        * Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management
          Certificate III in Tourism (International Retail Travel Sales)
          Certificate III in Tourism (Meetings and Events)
         Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation (Adventure Tourism)
         Certificate III in Tourism (Guiding)

Science and Nature

      Conservation and Land Management
        Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
        Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management
        Certiticate III in Conservation and Land Management
        Certificate II in Horticulture
        Certificate III in Horticulture
        * Diploma of Laboratory Technology

* indicates Courses with pathways to university


There is the only TAFE in Tasmania, and are over 30 campuses in all regions of the states.
International students can study in both the south and north of the state. All campuses offers computers and free internet access with multiple language capabilities.


There is no accommodation placement fee at TAFE Tasmania.

Homestay costs from $180 - $200 per week for full board. Your homestay costs will depend on what is available at the time of your application and tuition
payment. Costs are determined by the facilities provided and by factors such as the distance from TAFE.
There are limited room-only homestay places. These cost from $100 - $120 per week.

Residence costs are for part board and room only. Part board covers breakfast and dinner from Monday to Thursday, and Friday to Sunday breakfast only. Students
must cater for themselves on weekends. Part board costs $212 per week . Room only costs $140 per week.

Local backpackers vary their weekly prices according to the season, however students do often receive good weekly rates. If you decide to book directly, let the backpacker know you have been directed to them by TAFE and that you are
applying for special student rates. Prices range from $110 - $150 per week; most prices are for dormitory rooms.

To find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form.


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