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Perth and Western Australia (WA) is recognised as its multiculturalism, with people from many different nationalities living in harmony. When you get to WA, you can feel the great weather, with blue skies and sunny days, giving a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. WA is also outstanding value, with work opportunities and the cost of living being much better than other Australian cities.

About Us

For students who want to get working part-time to support their studies, Perth is oviously the number one place to go, and by gaining valuable skills through their studies at TAFEWA, many have ultimately been able to settle in Perth. Perth is WA's fast growing capital city. With a population almost 2 million it has a youthful character that is ideally suited to university life!


English Studies (ELICOS)

Certificate IV in English for Academic Purposes
Certificate IV in International Business English
International Business English (Intermediate to Advanced)
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) (Upper Intermediate level)
First Certificate in English (FCE) (Intermediate level)
Preparation for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) (Pre-intermediate level)
IELTS Plus and IELTS Ready (Intermediate level)
English for Academic Purposes (Intermediate to Advanced)
General English (Elementary to Upper Intermediate)

Hospitality & Cookery
Hospitality (Associate Degree)
Wine Tourism or Grape Growing - Food Processing (Certificate III)
Hospitality Management - Accomodation Services (Cert IV to Adv. Diploma)
Hospitality Management - Food & Beverage (Cert IV to Adv. Diploma)
Commercial Cookery - Hospitality (Certificate III)
Asian Cookery - Hospitality (Certificate III)
Retail Baking - Food Processing (Certificate I and III)

Business (Associate Degree)
Public Relations (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Marketing (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Management (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Library & Information Services (Diploma)
International Trade & Business (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Human Resources (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Commerce - Fast-track to 2nd Yr University (Diploma)
Business Administration (Certificate III to Diploma)
Banking (Diploma)
Advertising (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Accounting (Certificate III to Advanced Diploma)
Business (Certificate II to Diploma)

Art & Design

Jewellery and Object Design (Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma)
Interior Design (Advanced Diploma)
Interior Decoration (Diploma)
Graphic Design - Print, Publishing & Packaging (Cert IV to Adv. Dip)
Graphic Design - Digital Design (Cert IV to Adv. Diploma)                                          Furniture Design (Certificate IV - Advanced Diploma)
Design for Industry (Certificate IV to Adv. Diploma)                                                Animation (Certificate III to Advanced Diploma)                                                              Arts Administration (Certificate IV)
Design Fundamentals (Certificate III)
Applied Fashion Design and Technology (Certificate IV - Adv Diploma)                            Visual Art and Craft (Certificate III - Advanced Diploma)                                                   Fashion and Textile Design (Certificate IV - Advanced Diploma)

Media, Photography, Music & Screen

Mass Communication (Diploma)
Film, Video & Television (Certificate III to Adv. Diploma)
Photography (Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma)
Music - Technical Production (Certificate III to Certificate IV)
Music (Certificate III to Certificate IV)

Health, Education & Community Services
Teachers Assistant & Special Needs (Certificate III to Cert IV)
Nursing & Health Science Foundations (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Dental Assisting - Radiography (Certificate IV)
Childrens Services (Certificate III & Diploma)
Community Welfare Work (Diploma)
Youth Work (Certificate III to Certificate IV)
Community Services Work (Certificate III to Certificate IV)
Aged Care Work (Certificate III to Certificate IV)

Engineering, Mining, Electrical & Electronics
Surveying - Mining & Engineering (Cert IV to Adv. Diploma)
Drafting & Design - Civil Engineering (Cert III to Adv. Diploma)
Mechanical Engineering (Diploma & Advanced Diploma)
Renewable Energy (Certificate III)
Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation (Certificate III and Diploma)                      Electronic Systems (Certificate III & Diploma)
Electrical Drafting (Certificate III & Diploma)
Electrical Engineering (Certificate III & Diploma)
Computer Systems - (Cert III & Diploma)

Computing & Information Technology
Multimedia (Certificate III to Diploma)
Website Design & Development (Certificate IV to Diploma)
Website Administration (Certificate IV to Diploma)
IT Support & System Administration (Certificate III to Diploma)
Software Development Fast-track Option (Diploma)
Programming & Software Development (Certificate III to Diploma)
Networking (Certificate III - Diploma)
Information Technology Foundations (Certificate II)

Travel & Tourism 
International Retail Travel Sales (Certificate III)
Tourism Management (Advanced Diploma)
Tourism - Operations Management (Cert III to Diploma)
Tourism Marketing & Product Development (Diploma)
Marine Tourism (Certificate II to Certificate III)
Event Management (Certificate III & Diploma)

Horticulture, Conservation & Land Management
Conservation & Land Management (Certificate II to Diploma)
Irrigation (Certificate IV & Diploma)
Horticulture - General (Certificate II to Diploma)
Horticulture - Landscape (Certificate II to Diploma)

Sport, Beauty & Lifestyle

Sport - Development (Certificate IV)
Retail Cosmetic Services (Certificate II)
Nail Technology (Certificate II)
Make-up Services (Certificate II)
Beauty Therapy (Certificate IV & Diploma)                                                                 Fitness (Certificate III to Certificate IV)

Building Design & Construction

Building Design & Technology (Cert IV & Diploma)
Building and Construction (Diploma)

Pilot Training & Airport Management

Aviation (Associate Degree)
Airport Management (Diploma)
Aeronautics - Pilot Training (Cert IV to Diploma)

Environmental & Laboratory Science

Laboratory Techniques & Technology (Cert III to Diploma)
Environmental Science - Management (Cert IV & Diploma)

Maritime Studies

Marine Engineering - Watchkeeping, 2nd Engineer, Chief Engineer (Diploma to Adv Diploma)
Maritime Operations - Deck Watchkeeper (2nd Mate), Shipmaster (Diploma to Adv Diploma)
Marine Studies (Diploma)
Aquaculture - Seafood Industry (Cert III & Diploma)

Animal Studies

Veterinary Nursing (Certificate IV)
Advanced Stablehand - Racing (Certificate III)
Companion Animal Services (Certificate III)

University Foundation (Yr 11/12) Programs

W.A. Universities Foundation Program

Primary & Secondary School

Secondary School Program                                                                                            Primary School Program


Our Head Office

ETI's head office is situated right in the middle of Perth city.

Our Education & Training Providers

Our Schools and Colleges that deliver the actual education and training are broken down into the following categories:

> Metropolitan TAFE Colleges (around Perth).
> Regional TAFE Colleges (throughout the rest of Western Australia).
> Canning and Tuart Senior Colleges (Uni Foundation Programs).
> Secondary High Schools (Yr 8 - 12).


Education and Training International is unable to provide students on-campus accommodation within the city of Perth. We do have on-campus accommodation at some of our regional campuses including Albany, Geraldton and Bunbury.

To find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form.


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