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Raffles College of Design and Commerce

This institution is a single learning provider established in Sydney, Australia specialising in design, visual communication and commerce. We present higher education and vocational projects from Masters Degrees through to Bachelor Degrees and Certificate courses.

About Us

We've been around for 30 years (previously known as KvB Institute of Technology). Keeping pace with industry, we deliver great courses and make graduates who are well honored and successful in their inventive careers. We do this by having lecturers who are energetic in industry, so their teaching constantly benefits from a real-time understanding of what's happen there. In 2005 the college joined the Raffles Education Corporation, Asia Pacific's premier creative design and business education provider with a network of over 28 colleges across the Asia Pacific region, including locations such as Singapore, China, Thailand and New Zealand. As part of the Raffles Education Corporation, there is an exciting opportunity to study part of your degree at one of our other group locations. A big advantage in the global world of design influenced and enhanced by local cultures and ideas.


Bachelor of Arts(VisComm)

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Sydney is a wonderful and international city, internationally recognised for being an exciting and energetic place to visit and live in. If you’re thinking about studying commerce, Sydney is a great area to base yourself. It's the centre of business in Australia and you have entry to all the major corporations operating in the region. As a design student you'll be motivated by a thousand and one things. Our art galleries, well- known designers and an active alternative design scene will give you all the inspiration you could desire for. Creativity is surrounding you.

As you would assume from one of the world’s wonderful towns, Sydney’s got all - modern city lifestyle, beaches, amazing harbour and a large variety of entertainment possibilities to suit everyone. It also presents a rare international experience, bragging a community of international people. The effect is a rich and diverse city that is also safe, clean and ready to welcome you.


If you’re an international student searching short-term housing when you first arrive, homestay is a well- liked choice. You can also look into a hostel or backpacker’s accommodation. Long term, most students are living in share housing with other people or friends. It’s best way to look for share accommodation after you’ve reached and have begun to meet people here.

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