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Professional Golf Training Program

This unique program designed for those who wish to maximize their golfing abilities, including students with ambitions of joining the professional ranks. The program is intended to enable some students to reach a standard of golf that will enable them to compete in professional tournaments. The program includes both formal training and skills practice at two of Australia's leading golfing facilities - Robina Woods and The Colonial Golf courses chosen for their variety of conditions and suitability for teaching students at all levels. Students who meet the handicap requirements are able to participate in regular tournaments to improve their skills in a competitive environment.

- Start dates - Any Monday, except for holidays.

- Award - Students receive a Statement of Attainment as a partial completion of the qualification SRS20203 Certificate 11 in Sport (Career-oriented participation) from the SRS03 Sport Industry Training Package,
as well as an  Golf Australia handicap (providing sufficent scorecards are completed).

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To enrol and find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form and one of our staff member will get back to you very soon.


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