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MIT, the Melbourne Institute of Technology, is a modern, innovative and energetic institution which presents high-quality education related to the always-changing claim of the workforce. It also provides a solid base for students who want to continue higher education in Business and Information Technology. Graduates of MIT have attained excellence at various universities.

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The University of Ballarat had its starting in 1870, making it to a very old tertiary institution in Australia. Since then we have strengthened close links with our region, as well as our national and partners world wide. Up to 25,000 students now studying at UB are able to select from a growing list of Higher Education and TAFE courses. UB is famous for its teaching and learning presentation, graduate satisfaction and starting salaries – as well as being Victoria’s premier regional university. So we are joyful to be working in association with Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) to make possible for students from around the world to earn qualification from the University of Ballarat in business or information technology and to succeed in their selected career.


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Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. With an international population of over three million, it is the second largest city on this continent and its financial and business centre; but, with the highest count of educational institutions of any city in the country, it could as well be named the education capital of Australia.

Its large Asian community makes sure a mix of Eastern and Western culture. Melbourne brags an international reputation for the quality and diversity of its food, and Asian cuisine has had a strong influence. Chinatown is only a little walk from MIT, but there are also plentiful food outlets serving all kinds of Asian food all over the city.

Sydney’s lifestyle is specified by cultural variety. People from over 180 countries speaking 140 languages are accepted warmly in a population of over four and a half million. This means that Sydneysiders love an outstanding range of ethnic food, clubs and festivals, cinema and theatres, Aboriginal arts and culture, museums and music venues. Sydney is also a shopping paradise.

Not only is Sydney one of the most vibrant, youthful and beautiful cities in the world, it is blessed with a magnificent climate. Sydneysiders revel in the long warm summers and enjoy the cooling sea breezes.


Students sometimes want to stay with a host family. They may have their own room or choose to share, and usually three daily meals are offered. Homestay is an excellent alternative, particularly at the beginning of student life in Australia. It presents students with the occupation to experience and get pleasure in the Australian lifestyle, and an surrounding in which they can improve their English.


MIT can arrange homestay prior to arrival, and assist with hostel and rental accommodation after arrival.

Rental Accommodation

Private Renting:
Renting your own flat, apartment or house through a real estate agent or private landlord offers students privacy and independence. It can however, be quite expensive and might be easier to consider a rental property that you can share with other people to help financially.
Finding rental accommodation can be a complicated and time consuming process. You will be required to inspect properties, submit application forms and understand your legal rights and duties. It is advised to inspect at least two or three places prior to making any decisions.

Sharing a House or an Apartment:
For an easier and less costly option than leasing a vacant house or flat you could try moving into an established household that has a vacant bedroom. This type of living arrangement is suitable for students who are confident they will be able to handle an independent lifestyle.
Rent or share an apartment, flat or house for 12 months. Costs include rent, food, telephone calls, gas, and/or electricity. You may need to buy furniture and other household goods. A bond will usually be paid before you move in.

To find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form.


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