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Master of Psychology (Forensic)

Course and Industry Overview Forensic science is a rapidly expanding field that involves applying science to the administration of law. The Bond University Master of Forensic Science program offers a post-graduate degree in forensic science with an emphasis on current and developing DNA technologies as well as forensic anthropology. DNA methods have revolutionized the area of forensic biology over the last twenty years and have resulted in a large increase in the number of jobs for DNA forensic scientists. This need is increased further by two new DNA-based areas in forensic biology. The heightened awareness of terrorism has led to a new area of forensic activity, namely microbial forensics. Additionally, the increase in the incidence of mass disasters has led to the need for more robust and rapid DNA methods for identification of victims. There is thus a need for appropriately trained forensic scientists in this area in the immediate and foreseeable future. Rapid advances and growth in the field of forensic genetics has created a demand for individuals with expertise and training in the areas of forensic DNA testing, statistical evaluation of DNA results and legal testimony on testing procedures, results and interpretations. This degree seeks to provide a graduate with the necessary specialised science along with a thorough appreciation of the methods and standards used in forensic laboratories and the legal framework within which this work must be done. Career Outcomes This program will prepare graduates for employment in specialised forensic areas such as forensic laboratories, crime scene police sections and legal areas dealing with civil and criminal scientific matters. Graduates will also have skills to be employable in a range of other scientific disciplines such as pathology as well as any area involving rigorous testing methods and accreditation standards.

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