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Master Of Professional Accounting

DURATION: 1.5 years

ENTRY POINTS: March, July, November

LOCATION: Melbourne, Sydney

Course duration and structure

The Master of Professional Accounting degree is conducted over one and a half years of full-time study or part-time equivalent. The course consists of twelve compulsory subjects providing a major specialisation in the professional requirements in accounting, auditing, taxation and law.

Objectives of the course

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) is designed to:
•Explain and discuss essential business and accounting principles through the study of a comprehensive core of required subjects
•Equip students to meet Australian business needs in financial accounting, auditing, taxation and good governance
•Develop sound critical thinking skills and positive attitudes towards the professional contributions of accounting to society
•Develop the ability to extend and apply current business knowledge and best practice
•Develop strong professional and ethical foundations to guide judgements
•Develop creative problem solving skills and flexible application of knowledge and skills in business.

Core Subjects:

HI 5001 Accounting for Business Decisions
 Introduces students to the discipline of financial accounting by teaching them bookkeeping through to the preparation of financial statements.
HI 5002 Finance for Business
 Is specifically devoted to the discipline of finance. It deals with the financial mathematics of finance and some aspects of the Australian financial system and the financial instruments available
HI 5003 Economics for Business
 Focuses on contemporary developments and applications of macroeconomic concepts, including the foundations of business cycles and the relationship between macroeconomic policy and international trade. Students are also introduced to key microeconomic issues related to supply and demand. It provides students with a working knowledge of the structure and operation of the Australian financial system and its capital market institutions.
HI 5007 Statistics and Research Methods for Business Decision
 Provides students with an introduction to the concepts and applications of descriptive statistics, probability, inference and modelling. Students will apply statistical techniques to real world situations in a range of business, economic, accounting and management environments. The topics covered in this subject serve as a basis for various quantitative techniques taught in later subjects, especially in HI5002 Finance for Business and HI5017 Managerial Accounting.
HI 5017 Managerial Accounting
 Examines the dynamics at play in organisations with varying cultural environments, including the dynamics of individual and group interaction within an organisational setting. It touches on conventional marketing concepts, principles and practices, and explores entrepreneurial strategies for competitive advantage.
HI 5018 Introduction to Business Law
 Deals with commercial and corporation law. Introduces students to the Australian legal system, and covers torts, contracts and sale of goods principles, legislation and cases.
HI 5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise
 Examines business processes and accounting information systems and introduces students to accounting software and the analysis and design of accounting information systems. It also provides students with a working knowledge of computer hardware and software applications in various areas of business.
HI 5020 Corporate Accounting
 Deals with theories of group accounts, including equity accounting. It also deals more specifically with accounting theory, including normative and positivist models of accounting and alternative approaches to accounting for changes in price levels

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