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Master of Marketing


Admission to the Master of Marketing requires a quality undergraduate degree from a recognized institution and a minimum two years of work experience, preferably in a managerial role. Assessment for admission also will be based on references, the candidate's statement of objectives and, whenever possible, a personal interview.


The Master of Marketing is a specialized program that prepares students for senior level positions in marketing management, services marketing, brand/product management, market research and marketing communication. This program has been designed to develop the knowledge base and skill set necessary to increase the lifetime value of an organization's customers. Course content will include seminars, practical applications, (done individually and in groups), and presentations by industry experts.

Professional Outcomes

Potential employers of marketing graduates are found in every industry sector including electronic commerce, consumer packaged goods, government and public services, fashion, electronic goods, entertainment, consulting, retail, financial and professional services, and healthcare.  Also, many marketing graduates pursue career paths in firms that specialize in marketing, advertising and public relations.


Some students who desire additional or specialized practical experience, or who possess workplace experience in a field different from their studies, often choose to undertake an internship as part of their degree.


Most students undertake four subjects per semester* (equivalent to 40 credit points). Students may, however, enrol in fewer subjects and extend the degree over a longer period.
Bond's teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.


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