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Master of Design

The Master of Design is a professionally-oriented degree targeted at designers who already have an undergraduate degree in design or the equivalent educational and professional experience. There is a clear demand in the design community for a Masters program that is targeted towards the professional and commercial needs of the design professions and industry internationally.

The following specialisations are available:

  • Digital Media

  • Fashion Design

  • Interior Design

  • Graphic Design


Course Structure

There are 4 generic types of subjects:

  • Design Studio
  • Design Theory
  • Design Practice Seminar
  • Elective

The course allows you to enhance your practical skills to the level of master practitioner through Design Studio modules, while furthering your theoretical understandings through Design Theory modules, developing a capacity for critical reflection on the profession of design through the Design Practice Seminar modules.

There are three main streams through the course:

  • practice stream
  • project stream
  • dissertation stream

The first semester is common to all participants. In the second semester you'll need to decide on your study stream.

If you choose the practice stream you undertake an elective in second semester and then Design Practical 3 in third semester supported by 3 elective subjects.

If you choose the project stream, you undertake an elective in second semester and then Design Project in third semester.

If you choose the dissertation stream you are required to undertake the elective Dissertation Proposal in second semester and then Design Dissertation in third semester. Don't be put off by the name - a dissertation is basically a document you'll create which is designed to help you develop your research skills. The dissertation stream develops the research skills of participants to enable you to pursue further research-based study.

Course Outline

The Master of Design is a 3-semester program that can be completed in accelatered or part-time modes.

Semester 1

Design Studio (Design Practical 1)
Design Theory (Sociology of Design)
Design Practice Seminar (Creative Investigation)

Semester 2

Design Studio (Design Practical 2)
Design Theory (Psychology of Design)
Design Practice Seminar (Advanced Concept Development)

Semester 3

Practice Stream
Design Studio (Design Practical 3)


Project Stream
Design Project


Dissertation Stream
Design Dissertation


Visual Communication in Design
Design Optimisation
Dissertation Proposal (Dissertation Stream only)
Design Management
Professional Leadership in Design
Statistics in Design

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