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Master of Communication

DURATION: 2 years full time

ENTRY POINTS: February/July

LOCATION: Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Emerald, Mackay

The Master of Communication Degree by Research is a program of supervised research and study leading to the submission of a thesis which makes a contribution to knowledge. The program is governed by the Program Rules for Masters Degrees by Research, which provide details regarding all aspects of admission, progression, submission and examination of the thesis. Consultation with the university will assist you to determine eligibility for admission, to identify the proposed areas of research and to ascertain the availability of suitable supervisors.

CQUniversity offers Masters Degree by Research programs in the areas of communication, communication technologies and journalism.

What am I studying?

Humanities, psychology and social work are areas of study that focus on human society, individuals and their relationships, human culture and the contemporary world. They explore how humans recognise, record and debate human practises, meanings and values, including the human condition and how society operates.

More specifically, humanities, psychology and social work incorporates disciplines such as psychology, social work, writing, history, geography and environment, as well as professional communication and journalism leading to a diverse range of careers.  Study in humanities, psychology and social work develops life long skills such as critical thinking, research and investigation, communication, design and planning which can assist in all careers and in day-to-day life, in fact,   many of Australia’s politicians have studied similar programs.

Why Study Master of Communication at CQUni

CQUniversity offers programs in humanities, psychology and social sciences in the areas of arts, professional communication, social work, psychology and human services.

These programs are dynamic and diverse,providing a solid basis for a range of career options. Our programs assist in developing your critical-thinking skills, oral and written communication techniques, research ability and capacity for further independent study.

Work experience and practical projects have also been integrated into many of our programs to ensure that your learning is relevant to your chosen career and provides you with the skills you will need in the workforce.

Our lecturers and academics are leaders in their respective fields and bring a wealth of practical knowledge and real-life experience from which you can learn. Our programs have been designed as a way to launch your career or to allow you to pursue specialist postgraduate studies and higher research degrees, which are also offered at CQUniversity.


You may be considered for admission to candidature for the masters degree if you:

  • hold an honours degree from the university or any other approved institution in a relevant discipline; or
  • hold a three-year undergraduate degree and a graduate diploma at a high level of academic performance in a relevant discipline; or
  • hold a three-year undergraduate degree at a high level of academic performance in a relevant discipline, plus a minimum of one year’s relevant work experience; or
  • hold a three-year undergraduate degree with a credit level grade point average (GPA); or
  • hold a four-year undergraduate degree at a high level of academic performance; or
  • hold an alternative qualification deemed by the panel to be of equivalent scope and standard.

Career Opportunities

A higher degree by research is usually required for an academic career or a professional career in research.  In addition, many discipline-specific employers recognise the skills developed through research degree are applicable in the workplace.

Program Structure

Discipline-specific course codes are allocated according to the faculty and discipline in which you undertake your research in.  Within each course code, provision is made to identify the mode of attendance as full-time.

 Areas of Study:

  • Communication
  • Communication Technologies
  • Journalism


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