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IPT (Information Processes & Technology)

Information Processes & Technology is the study of computer based information systems. It focuses on information processes performed by these systems and the information technology that allows them to take place.

Social, ethical and non-computer procedures resulting from the processes are considered. Different types of information systems are studied. Through project work, students will create their own information system to meet an identified need. Social and ethical issues arising from the processing of information are specifically addressed in the first Preliminary course topic. Subsequent topics address relevant issues. Students gain knowledge about these issues and are encouraged to adopt social and ethical practices.

A substantial amount of indicative time has been allocated to project work in both the Preliminary and HSC courses. This is in recognition that project work is more than a demonstration of what students have learnt, it allows them to develop their technical, communication and management skills.

A team project is required in the Preliminary course and optional in the HSC course. Team projects allow students to develop interpersonal and communication skills in addition to technical skills. Experience at working in teams will prepare students for similar situations common beyond the HSC in this field.

The syllabus has been presented in a way that clearly explains what is to be taught and the level of detail required.

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