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The IELI always strive to provide high quality study programs and atmosphere. Our course might be very challenging, but we also assist student to do well step by step. In addition, the IELI provides you with good opportunities to get along with people from various countries and helps you to get broad knowledge of the world.

About Us

IELI is located on the campus of Flinders University. As an IELI student, you will get a Flinders University ID card, so you will be able to not only use the facilities of the university, but also participate in various university activities. Furthermore, the university is conveniently located in several destinations of interest to students, so students can study enjoying diverse activities. Because there are beautiful beaches, Brighton Beach and Glenelg Beach, students can refresh themselves.


General English (Level 1~6)

English for Business&IT Studies (Level 3~6)

English for Academic Preparation (Level 4~6)

English for Health Studies (6+)

English for Health OET Preparation (6+)


IELI is located on the campus of Flinders University. Flinders University is located 25 minutes by bus from the Adelaide city centre.


There are several accommodation types:
1.Homestay (private room and three meals per day)
Please refer to this link http://www.flinders.edu.au/intloffice/info/ieli/homestay_inter_students.htm

2.Temporary accommodation
The link below would help you http://www.flinders.edu.au/housing/short-term-private/temporary/temporary_home.cfm

3.Share Houses and Rental Accommodation
Please refer to this link

please attention:
These accommodation choices are not selected by IELI or Flinders University. We suggest that you should visit accommodation sites to confirm that you will get comfortable accommodation before choosing it.

To find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form.


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