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IELTS Preparation

IELTS is the main examination used to measure a student's level of English in Australia. Two versions of the test exist:

Academic: You should take the academic version if you wish to go to university in Australia

General Training: You should take this version of the test if you want to study a vocational course or as proof of your English level for migration purposes

Course Information

Our 12 week IELTS preparation course not only gives you practice in taking the test, but helps you with strategies to improve your test score. You will practise skills such as:

  • Predicting questions in listening
  • Skimming and scanning to improve reading speed
  • Essay formats
  • Confidence-building speaking exercises

The IELTS Test

IELTS is an external examination. The nearest testing centre is at UTS on Broadway (a 10 minute walk from our campus). We will help you enrol in the test when you are ready. You will be given a mark out of 9 for listening, reading, writing and speaking. These marks are averaged out to give an overall band score, which can be used as proof of your English level.

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To enrol and find out course fees, intake dates, entry requirements and more details about courses and the Institute please click on the Enquiry button and complete our form and one of our staff member will get back to you very soon.


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