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High School Preparation Course

John Paul International College HSPC prepares students from age 12 for entry into the Australian High School system.  Classes are held for five hours a day from Monday to Friday.  Students are taught totally in English - not only language skills but also Mathematics, Science and Business.



On arrival, students will be given a language proficiency test and diagnostic Maths test.  They will be placed in classes according to language proficiency.  In order to progress to the next class, students must pass an exit test at their current level.  John Paul International College graduates are fully prepared to enter mainstream academic classes with Australian students.

Placement Test

Students are tested on arrival in two areas:

English - proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing is rated using the bandscales of the National Language and Literacy Institute of Australia.

Maths - a diagnostic Maths test assesses students' ability against Australian standards at the appropriate year level.

Progress Reports

Students are assessed throughout each ten week term and must pass exit tests at each level before entering the next class level.  Students are tested in speaking, listening, reading, writing, maths and science or business.  Parents receive a mid-term progress report after five weeks as well as a detailed end of term report every ten weeks.

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