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Graduate Certificate of TESOL

A Graduate Certificate in TESOL is a full-time (40 Credit point) program designed to provide initial training for teachers of English as a Second Language. It provides the basis for language teaching methodology and its practical applications. The course participants are required to complete at least 100 hours of theoretical component and the minimum of 6 hours of supervised classroom teaching. Work Experience There are currently no provisions in this program for Work Experience and Internships. Attendance Students must undertake two subjects* (equivalent to 40 credit points). Bond's Teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects. Career Outcomes Successful completion of the course qualifies someone (1) who holds either a recognised, pre-service teaching qualification or (2) a recognized degree or diploma and 800 hours of teaching ESL experience, to teach in an Australian ELICOS institute or the school system. Internationally, the graduates of this course teach in many countries across the five continents. For more details about requirements of teacher qualifications in Australia visit the National ELT Accreditation Scheme website. While we provide advice concerning the current TESOL job opportunities throughout the course, we do not find jobs for course participants. Additional Information [2008 Intake] Download PDF Outline The next available course: Semester: January 2008 Course commences on: 16/01/08 The first session: 5-8pm Meeting place: Seminar Room 8, University Centre, level 4 (or info on the door) Classes finish: Final test, Saturday, 5/04/2008 Fees Course tuition fees are: $3,280.00 The tuition fee covers an equivalent of two postgraduate subjects in Master of Arts in Language Teaching (TESOL) program (the standard price of two subjects in this program is $5000). In cases where participants wish to continue in the Master of Arts program, they receive credit for two out of eight compulsory subjects in these degrees (the equivalent of twenty credit points). Bond University credits students who successfully complete this course with two following subjects towards the Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Language Teaching/TESOL) or the Master of Arts (Language Teaching/TESOL): Admission Criteria To be eligible to enrol in the Graduate Certificate in TESOL, potential students must possess a recognised undergraduate degree in any field or an equivalent (i.e. an award equivalent to three years of full-time study). Please submit: 1) copies of your qualifications/degrees 2) application form 3) a brief covering letter explaining the reasons for applying A previous teaching qualification and experience are an advantage. Dates and Admission Procedure If you have questions regarding the course content please contact: Course Coordinator Assistant Professor Beata Webb Co-ordinator of Applied Linguistics Email: bwebb@staff.bond.edu.au OR Phone: 07-55952541 Forward this application form to the Office of Admissions no later than 20th of November 2007. Theoretical component The theoretical part of the course provides the basis for the practical training. It consists of seminars, workshops and some classroom observations. The sessions deal with issues in English language, language learning and other contemporary issues associated with teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. As the course evolves, the content focus shifts from theoretical basis to practical classroom applications of TESOL. While the main focus of study is the language teaching methods and the practicality of classroom teaching, the course also offers sessions introducing other areas paramount to contemporary language teachers. These sessions include language testing, computer-assisted language learning, second language acquisition and syllabus design. Also, the course raises some important issues relevant to a modern language teacher such as culture awareness or learner sensitivities. The aim of these sessions is to give practical introduction to the abovementioned areas as well as to raise awareness of and the need for further professional development. Teaching Practice The teaching practice occurs concurrently with the Wednesday and Saturday seminars and it takes place in a language teaching institution. Most teacher trainees work in Bond University English Language Institute (ELICOS accredited). They have an opportunity to work closely with experienced ESL teachers in a real educational environment. Taking into consideration the differences in everybody’s work schedules and other commitments, the participants will be able to organise their teaching practicum individually with their supervisors. Where necessary or more convenient to the trainee, the teaching practice may also be conducted outside Bond University. This, however, must be organised by a course participant in the first three weeks of the course. In such cases, the trainee needs to organise a letter (or email) from the Director of Studies of the institution involved and the supervising teacher (minimum of 5 years of teaching experience and a postgraduate degree in TESOL required) confirming the arrangements. The trainees are expected to observe the minimum of twenty hours of ESL teaching and teach, under supervision, the minimum of six hours. While trainees are encouraged to observe a variety of levels and teaching styles, each trainee works with one supervising teacher. This is to ensure the consistency and continuity of supervision. The minimum of six hours (in no less than four separate sessions) are assessed and evaluated. Depending on previous teaching experience, the trainees will start from shorter teaching periods (one activity, for example) and extend it following the direction of the supervising teacher. These arrangements are made at the discretion of the supervising teacher and the schedule needs to be negotiated between the teachers and trainees. The Practicum must be completed by the end of the semester. It is the responsibility of the trainee to make appropriate arrangements with the supervising teacher or their own workplace to ensure that time is made available for course completion. If a trainee fails the first half of the practicum s/he may be allowed to repeat this component. The trainee will be required to pay an additional fee of $300 dollars for the second practicum. The second Practicum will take place as soon as it is convenient to supervising teachers and suitable for the language centre. However, its length and observation requirements will be at the discretion of the supervising teacher and the course coordinator. Supervising Teachers The teachers who supervise the Practicum are all fully qualified and experienced in teaching English to students not only in Australia but also in many countries on different continents. They all have postgraduate qualifications in TESOL and the minimum of five years of TESOL experience.

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