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General English

General English prepares students for the kind of English they will need in everyday situations. Class programs are designed to effectively develop communication skills and fluency in speaking, listening, reading, grammar, pronunciation and writing (core skills).

You can enter at any level and progress at your own pace. You can join the program any Monday and study from as short as two to as long as fifty weeks.

Our teaching styles encourage interactive language use so you will have many opportunities to practise the skills you are learning.

In the morning classes intensively focus on core skills.

In the afternoon classes at Beginner to Pre-Intermediate levels focus on Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation. Students at these levels are given extra help to improve their spoken English and comprehension quickly and effectively.

Afternoon classes for Intermediate to Super Advanced level students consist of a range of afternoon electives which allow students to concentrate on a particular area of need. We offer only focused intensive electives, not unproductive 'activities', 'self access' or 'videos'. We include activities such as these for free, after class in our clubs program.

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