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English for High School

English Requirements
St James College students must attain an English level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent before being admitted to the High School. Students who need to improve their English Language skills before they enter St James College can enrol in the Metro English College English for High School (EHS) Program.

Metro English College
SJC and Metro College use the same Online Student Information System, so students have a singe account which allows them to see all information about their Metro College and St James College Courses. This includes attendance information, enrolment details, academic information, holidays and student email. When a student is ready to progress to St James College, all fees will be transferred across to their High School Course.

The Metro English College EHS Program prepares students for the linguistic and social demands of an Australian high school. Students will be given the opportunity to understand their previous high school study from an English language perspective, as well as being introduced to the type and level of subject matter encountered in Australian high school syllabuses. In addition, a strong focus will also be placed on learner independence and decision-making. The course is designed to prepare students to undertake the NSW Higher School Certificate syllabus (years 11 and 12).

Course Length
Students can enrol in the EHS course every Monday. Course length ranges from 10 - 40 weeks full-time (20 hours face-to-face plus 5 hours supervised self-access per week).

In order to enrol in the EHS program, you must be of appropriate senior high school age (16 -18 years old) and be literate in your native language. You will need to have done some previous high school study in your own country. This course is available to everyone, including Student Visa holders.

When you Arrive at the College
To enrol in the EHS program, your parent or guardian has to sign your enrolment form if you are under the age of 18. You will also have to satisfy the College that you have a supervised accommodation arrangement. When you arrive at the College, you will be tested and placed into a class suitable for your English language proficiency.

Teaching Methodology
EHS is taught using the communicative approach. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the classroom. The syllabus is based on a number of excellent high school ESL textbooks, including Cambridge English for Schools and Opportunities, with the use of supplementary materials sourced from a wide range of places, including other published teaching resources, newspapers and TV. The language laboratory and ESL Internet sites also feature in the program. Subject Study Handbooks are also issued to students to enhance English language learning across the curriculum.

All students are given a placement test when they arrive at the College on their first day. Students are also assessed every week via an in-class test. In addition, whole-college language proficiency exams are carried out every 5 weeks to ensure students are in the right class. Every 10 weeks, students are given written reports outlining their progress and a student-teacher interview to discuss individual progress. Finally, students are given a Certificate of Attainment when they complete their course.

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