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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

The Aims of EAP
To enter an Australian university, TAFE or high school, overseas students usually have to sit the IELTS Exam. Also, people migrating to Australia need to sit the IELTS Exam and also to help students cope with the study demands of university. The course aims to develop an understanding of exam techniques and strategies as well as developing language skills from the IELTS Exam and university. Students will be given the opportunity to do practice exams every week. Both the Academic and the General Training Modules of the IELTS Exam are covered in this course.


Pathways from EAP
METRO EAP > IELTS Exam > > Australian University
METRO EAP > Central College Advanced Diploma * > > Australian University with one year of credit **
* Metro English College has an articulation agreement with Central College. When students have fulfilled the requirements for entry to Central College courses they may move directly over and transfer fees to their new course.


** Central College has an articulation agreement with the Australian Catholic University (ACU) allowing graduates of some Diploma and all Advanced Diploma courses direct entry to related Bachelor Degree Courses with 1 year of academic credit.


Length of the Course
The EAP course is 10 to 40 weeks full-time (20 hours face-to-face plus 5 optional hours of supervised guided individual learning per week). You can enrol in the EAP course every Monday.


Teaching Methodology and Materials
EAP is taught using an integrated approach to language teaching. Methodologies include the communicative approach, genre teaching, vocabulary extension and the development of independent research and learning skills. The syllabus incorporates the four macro-skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking with a particular focus on the IELTS Exam. Exam strategies are also covered, as are the skills required to be a successful learner in a university environment. Students are given a number of assignments to complete, including an oral presentation and a written assignment. Teaching materials include IELTS textbooks and other published EAP teaching resources, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. The language laboratory and ESL internet sites also feature in the program.


In order to enrol in the EAP course, you must be over 18 and literate in your native language with a minimum of 4 years of secondary schooling or equivalent. This course is available to everyone including Student Visa holders. If you are under 18 years of age and/or wish to study in and Australian high school, our English for High School (EHS) program is more suited to your needs. You will need to already have a good Intermediate level command of English to study in the EAP classes (equivalent to a band score of IELTS 5 or TOEFL 500).


When you arrive at the College
When you arrive at Metro English College, you will attend an orientation and be tested and placed in an EAP class only if your language proficiency is considered suitable. If you are not ready for the EAP classes, you will have to study in our General English (EGP) classes until your language proficiency has reached the appropriate level.

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