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English for Academic Purposes Direct Entry

Available at

  • Brisbane Campus Qld
  • Melbourne Campus Vic
  • North Sydney Campus NSW
12 weeks (Sydney and Melbourne)

12 – 24 weeks (Brisbane)




Admission Requirements
  • Minimum IELTS 5.0
  • Students should ideally be no more than 0.5 IELTS band under their Diploma/Degree entry score.
Course Aim
EAP: Direct Entry (DE) aims to develop the reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, computer and study skills required for diploma and degree programs.
It will prepare students for the language, academic and cultural demands of studying at ACU National.


Students in EAP: DE will develop:
  • Comprehension, critical thinking, note-taking skills and vocabulary,
  • Academic speaking and writing skills,
  • Further knowledge of English grammar,
  • The ability to communicate on issues relating to their field of interest.
In the EAP:DE program, assessment is continuous. Students complete a series of speaking, reading, writing, listening and grammar assessment tasks that start in Week 2 of the course and finish in Week 12.  Although there are tests in the final week of the course, they are only worth approximately 25% of the overall assessment.
Assessment task scores are added together to give the final grade.


Results for the course are expressed as Fail, Pass, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction.
  • Students with a PASS result will gain direct entry into an ACU National course for which the IELTS entry requirement is 5.5.
  • Students with a CREDIT result will gain direct entry into an ACU National course for which the IELTS entry requirement is 6.0.
  • Students with a DISCTINCTION result will gain direct entry into an ACU National course for which the IELTS entry requirement is 6.5.
Gaining direct entry from the EAP: DE program into a diploma or bachelor degree program is just as difficult as achieving the equivalent IELTS score.
The EAP: DE program is not suitable for students seeking entry to a postgraduate program.
Students who do not achieve the desired final score In the EAP: DE program will have the opportunity to sit the ACU English Test.


The program has three major advantages:


  • It is less stressful than taking an IELTS Test.  While the program is intensive, and you are under pressure to perform well, the pressure is more evenly spread across the course, rather than being focused on the one single day of the IELTS Test  
  • The assessment tasks are more relevant to your needs..  You will complete assessment tasks similar to those you will complete in your diploma or degree courses at ACU National, rather than standard IELTS Test questions
  • The content is stimulating.  You will be given the opportunity to focus on your own area of interest, such as nursing or business, rather than studying common IELTS topics.

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