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Since September 2007 Strathfield College has had an articulation agreement with TAFE NSW. This means that you can now enrol directly in a TAFE diploma after finishing your EAP course without taking an IELTS test.

English for Academic Purposes is a 12 week course designed for students who are planning to go on to university or a vocational course with high academic content. Classes are similar to university lectures and seminars and are intended to help you overcome the typical problem areas for overseas students.

Course Aims

To prepare students for university across the 4 major skills:

  • Speaking: you will learn how to express an opinion in seminars, make presentations, work on projects individually and in a team.
  • Listening: you will practice the listening and note taking skills needed for lectures and seminar. You will also learn to summarise and organise information in a useful way.
  • Reading: You will learn skills such as scanning, skimming as well as the research skills necessary to access specific information.
  • Writing: you will learn how to present your ideas in an academic format acceptable to a university. This will include essay and report formats, bibliographies and methods of citing references.


  • Your assessment will be to produce a project that simulates a university assignment.
  • You will be expected to negotiate a topic with your lecturer, research the topic and provide a rough draft before writing up your assignment.
  • You will also be expected to give a presentation summarising your work for the class.

Your final certificate will give you marks for your assignment, your presentation, your class performance and attitude.


From September 2007, Students completing our EAP programme to a satisfactory standard will be able to join TAFE NSW courses without taking the IELTS test.

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