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This degree is aimed at graduates with a significant record of achievement in the media and the creative arts fields, as well as experience industry professional, who wish to undertake substantial research and production in the area of media and culture. As the DCA is a Professional Doctorate (as opposed to a PhD), the focus is on industry productions rather than research. The project produced for the DCA must be of similar intellectual scope and level to a PhD and incorporates a creative work equivalent to a 50,000 to 70,000 word written work accompanied by a 30,000 word dissertation. Attendance at a seminar on methodology would be required. Entry requirements An approved Bachelor with Honours (or equivalent) or Master Degree or transfer from the Master of Creative Arts; submission of a quality proposal in terms of originality of approach for a creative project (approx 1,500 to 2,000 words) including a statement of the problem, research question or area of investigation , a discussion of the relevant literature, an outline of the intended methodology and a justification of the importance of the research; a portfolio of previously published, screened, exhibited or broadcast creative work, including a bibliography and samples of reviews if available; demonstrated generic technical skills in the medium appropriate to the proposed project; evidence of ability to undertake advanced original research appropriate to the proposed project, the names of academic staff who may be appropriate as supervisors. Applicants without this information will not be considered. Applicants may be interviewed in person or by telephone. Professional Outcomes Graduates will have a completed film or screenplay to take to the market and/or festivals enabling them to develop their career with a clear understanding of the creative process. Work Experience & Internships Work experience and internships are currently not available to this program. Attendance Students will be required to have regular meetings with their supervisor.

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