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Diploma (year one)

Year One provides students with a comprehensive overview of

food & beverage, rooms division operations, personal

communication and professional development which

prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities

within the hospitality industry:



Rooms Division Operations provides an understanding

of operational practices and processes for the Rooms Division

department within hotel organisations including reception,

reservations, communications, housekeeping and concierge.

Food and Beverage Operations provides students with an

understanding of operational practices and processes within a

range of food service organisations, including service skills and

procedures, legal requirements, knowledge of control mechanisms

and an awareness of food, wine, beer, and spirit products.

Communication in Organisations acknowledges the

importance of interpersonal and managerial communications

within tourism and hospitality organisations by providing

theories and concepts as well as practical outcomes for

improved communication skills.

Professional Development for the Workplace focuses

on the skills necessary to secure and maintain employment

within the hospitality industry. Included is goal setting, job

search skills, résumé writing, interview skills, insights into

organisational behaviour and practical approaches to dealing

with common workplace issues. NB This is a pre-requisite to

Internship Industry Experience.

Internship Industry Experience provides students with

paid practical workplace experience, in an operational role

within the tourism and hospitality industries. Suitable

employers include hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, catering

services, clubs and casinos. The Hotel School Sydney provides

a number of employment opportunities and job search assistance.



At the end of Year One students have the option to graduate

with a Diploma in Hotel Management awarded by Southern

Cross University.

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