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Diploma of Tourism (Operations Management)


60 weeks (6 terms)


Vocational Outcomes
This course provides training in a wide variety of travel situations and introduction to the management of travel operations. This course also provides the opportunity to gain experience in a travel agency if they can find an organisation with which to work. We encourage students to achieve this component of the course. Students also gain two external certificates on successful completion of BSP and Automated Resevations (Gelileo).


Subject code Subject name SIT30207 Competencies
TT104 Travel Accounting 2 SITTTSL016B * Administer billing and settlement plan
    SITXFIN003A Interpret financial information
    SITXFIN004A Manage finances within a budget
    SITXFIN005A Prepare and monitor budgets
TT105 Specialist – Operations SITXHRM001A Coach others in job skills
    SITXHRM005A Lead and manage people
    SITXMGT001A Monitor work operations
    SITXMGT002A Develop and implement operational plans
TT106 Communication & Teamwork SITXCOM003A Deal with conflict situations
    SITXCOM005A Make presentations
TVT18 Sales & Promotion SITXMPR003A Plan and implement sales activities
    SITXMGT006A Establish and conduct business relationships
    SITXADM003A Write business documents
    SITXADM004A Plan and manage meetings
    SITXMPR001A Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials
    SITXMPR002A Create a promotional display or stand
TT107 Occupational Health and Safety 2 SITXOHS003A Identify hazards, and assess and control safety risks
    SITXOHS004A Implement and monitor workplace health, safety and security practices
TVT10 Wholesale Operations SITTPPD001B* Research, assess and develop tourism products
TVT11 International Quality Management SITXCCS003A * Manage quality customer service
TVT16 Travel Law SITXGLC001A Develop and update legal knowledge required for business compliance
TVT22 Travel Agency Practice 1 Work Experience    
TVT024 Research Project SITTGDE001B Work as a guide
    SITTGDE004A Lead tour groups
    SITTGDE006A Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities
TVT025 Local Community Project SITTPPD009A Assess tourism opportunities for local communities


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