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Diploma of Photoimaging

Locations: Sydney
Duration: 1 year full time (including breaks), 900 hours classroom study.
Intakes: February, June and October

This course prepares you for an action-packed career working as a commercial photographer. It teaches you the essentials of photoimaging from shooting styles, lighting set-up and image capture, to digital SLR cameras, digital software enhancement and medium format. You'll learn how to use a range of specialised and technical competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate photoimaging services. And you'll discover ways to prepare, store and maintain finished work, integrate colour theory and design processes and capture images from a brief.

Areas of photoimaging work include fashion, sport, wedding, portrait, social, photojournalism, magazine and freelance, landscape and architecture, food and product and advertising. You can certainly travel the world with this profession!
Career Outcomes

With this qualification, you'll have the technical skills and experience to communicate your conceptual and creative visions through the medium of photography. You could snap up a great freelance photography job in any one of these areas:

    Advertising photography
    Fashion photography
    Sports photography
    Portraiture photography
    Magazine photography
    Travel and Adventure Photography
    Food and Product photography
    Architectural photography
    Photo Journalism and Documentary photography
    Photo Editorial
    Digital Photo Imaging
    Commercial/PR photography


    CUVCRS14B Prepare, store and maintain finished work
    CUVDES04B Integrate colour theory and design processes in response to a brief
    CUVPH101B Source and apply photoimaging industry knowledge
    CUVPH103B Research and apply information on the traditions which inform photoimaging practice
    CUVPH104B Apply Photoimaging lighting techniques
    CUVPH106B Plan and carry out image capture in response to a brief
    CUVPH107B Process photoimages to work print/ file stage
    CUVPH108B Enhance, manipulate and output photoimages
    CUVPH105B Use a 35mm SLR camera or digital equivalent
    CUFDIG303A Produce and prepare photo images
    CUFDIG304A Create visual design components
    CUVPHI501A Research role and use of the photoimage in visual communication
    CUVPHI502A Research and exploit photoimaging trends
    CUVPHI514A Employ colour management in a digital imaging workplace
    BSBCRT501A Originate and develop concepts
    BSBMKG514A Implement and monitor marketing activities
    BSBREL401A Establish networks
    BSBRSK501B Manage Risk
    CUFCMP501A Manage and exploit copyright arrangements
    CUFIND401A Provide services on a freelance basis
    CUFPOS402A Manage media assets
    CUVPHI503A Explore the descriptive and emotive nature of photo lighting
    CUVPHI504A Investigate and exploit innovative imaging options
    CUVPHI505A Produce an innovative presentation of professional work
    CUVPHI506A Produce commercial photoimages
    CUVPHI510A Plan, capture and exploit art photoimages
    CUVPHI512A Make illustrative images for publication and display
    CUVPHI507A Provide domestic portrait services
    CUVPHI508A Provide media photoimages
    CUVPHI502B Develop self for photoimaging industry

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