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Diploma of Make-up (Full Time)

The Diploma course is a 12 month course which you can enrol in once you have completed the Certificate IV in Make-Up or equivelent. This course is designed for people who wish to further develop their make-up skill s in specialty areas.  The course components for the Diploma are as follows:

CUFGEN01A                    Develop and apply industryknowledge
CUEOHS1A                      Implement workplace health, safety and security procedures
CUFMUPO1A                   Design, apply and remove period and specialized make-up
CUEMUP4A                      Design, apply and remove special effects Make-up
CUFMUJP02A                  Design, apply and remove Make-up
CUEMUP6A                      Dress hair for a performance or production
CUEMUP5A                      Dress (style) wigs
CUFMUP03A                    Maintain make-up continuity
CUEWRH19A                   Maintain wigs and hairpieces
CUSADMO9A                   Address legal and administrative requirements
CUFPOP09A                    Conduct a briefing
CUSGEN05A                    Make presentations
CUSRAD02A                    Conduct research
CUSADM06A                    Develop and implement an operatonal plan
CUEFIN01B                      Develop a budget
CUE1N02B                       Manage a budget
CUSADM03A                    Manage a project

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