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Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia)

80 weeks
(8 terms)

Vocational Outcomes

This course focuses on developing skills in designing and developing animation and multimedia and the application packages that allow you to build web pages and animation. Students cover a wide range of topics and should have a breadth of knowledge in the application packages as well as the design of Internet facilities.

Subject Code Subject Name Code Competencies
MM412 Manage Multimedia Projects ICAS5202B Ensure privacy for users
    ICPMM581B Manage multimedia production
MM402 Animation Techniques 2 ICPMM582B Manage multimedia projects
    CUFANM01A Develop and implement designs for animation
MM411 Multimedia Design 3 CUFIMA05A Create 3D digital models and images
    CUFMEM01A Use an authoring tool to create an interactive sequence
    CUFMEM11A Design the navigation for a multimedia product
    CUFWRT07A Write an interactive sequence for multimedia
MM413 Digital Video Techniques CUFWRT02A Write the script
    CUFCAM01A Set up and operate a basic video camera
    CUFCAM03A Compose camera shots and operate a camera
    CUFMEM13A Incorporate design and edit digital video
    ICPMM346B Incorporate video into multimedia presentations
MM405 Web Development 2 ICAB5165B Create dynamic web pages
    ICAT4185B Create a website testing procedure
    ICAT4184B Ensure site useability for full range of users
    ICAT4186B Conduct operational acceptance tests of websites
MM410 Major Project (Multimedia) 2 ICPPP411B Undertake a complex design brief
    PSPPM502B Manage complex projects
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