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Diploma of Hospitality Management

Hospitality is one of those career paths that is universal. In Australia there is a recognized shortage of skilled, qualified staff in the hospitality industry.

The most common way to become a trade-qualified chef in Australia is through the completion of an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery). The normal career progression for a chef, once qualified, is to begin working as a Commis Chef, and then with experience, ultimately work towards becoming an Executive Chef.

At Shafston this qualification is embedded into a two year Diploma of Hospitality Management delivered over four semesters in 92 weeks. Graduates will hold both a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) and a Diploma of Hospitality Management. *

In this program students develop the knowledge and skills needed to work as a chef in a commercial kitchen and the knowledge and skills required for kitchen management and for general hospitality operational management. Part of the training is delivered in L’Académie, a real service training restaurant owned and operated by the College. Here the students have a wonderful opportunity to be trained in a fully operational commercial facility. Other training is provided by lectures, self-study, demonstrations and live food production in the many training kitchens throughout both Shafston campuses.

* Applicants can apply and complete the Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) as a stand alone program if they do not wish to continue complete the Diploma.

Academic Requirements
Successful completion of year 10.

L’Academie Hotel
L’Academie Hotel is Shafston’s newest campus, specifically acquired and specially renovated to offer Shafston’s Hospitality students the finest of facilities. Located across the street from Shafston’s City Campus, L’Academie Hotel is a three story building housing six practical training rooms for Cookery and Patisserie students along with a full retail restaurant, bar, and patisserie open daily to the public. L’Academie Hotel offers students the perfect environment in which to study and work in their chosen craft.

This program involves meat preparation, handling and tasting.

CurriculumTH31502 Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
CRICOS 062418E
Duration : 55 weeks
(Semester 1 to 3)  

THH51202 Diploma of Hospitality Management
CRICOS 062417F
Duration : 37 weeks
Semester 4 (Semesters 1 to 3 are prerequisites for commencement in the Diploma program) 

Confirmed in the latest Labour Market Analysis reported on the government employment and workplace relations website (www.workplace.gov.au) employment prospects for qualified cooks/chefs remain very strong. The occupational demand is high and the Labour Market Outlook is strong.

“Demand for chefs and cooks is increasing in line with Queensland’s growing hospitality and tourism sectors. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ Skilled Vacancies Index for Queensland shows newspaper advertisements for qualified cooks increased by almost 45 per cent over the year in 2007

Solid activity in the hospitality and tourism industries combined with growth in the health and community services sector will continue to generate strong demand for chefs and cooks over the coming year. At the same time, the number of apprentices completing their training and supply from interstate and overseas migration is not enough to meet the current demand. The present statewide shortage of cooks and chefs in Queensland is therefore expected to continue.”

More information on training options and pursuing a career as a chef in Australia can be obtained by visiting the website www.chef.org.au or emailing info@chef.org.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Applicants have the option to package their Diploma application with an offer to continue their studies in the Bachelor of Business at Griffith University. Shafston graduates will receive one full year of credit upon entry to the University.

Shafston supports its students throughout their studies in Hospitality by helping them to find industry placements which will provide an opportunity to accumulate the 900 hours required for TRA skill’s assessment. At the appropriate time, the Students who wish to take advantage of the support provided by the Shafston employment staff would register their interest and our staff will take up their case by putting them in contact with potential employers – this is a free-of-charge service available to Hospitality students.

The placements provide an opportunity for students to improve their skills and widen their network of contacts in the industry. All placements are likely to lead to ongoing paid employment if the student can show he/she is motivated, productive and willing to work. Students who are flexible and keen to learn will find it is not difficult to accumulate the necessary 900 hours of work.

Shafston students enrolled into Hospitality Management and Cookery programs are required to purchase the necessary equipment and learning materials so as to be able to complete their course. Shafston has agreements with suppliers who provide what is necessary to students at discounted prices. Information about what is required is provided to students in their orientation session. At the time of publication of this media the total fee payable is AUD$752. This includes purchase of the uniform, chef’s shoes, knife kit, text books and other learning materials.

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