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Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Decoration and Design)

Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast
Duration: 1 year full time, 900 hours classroom study
Intakes: February, June and October

This unique course will give you greater design awareness and skills and will enable you to develop your own design style. You'll explore building theory, problem-solving design, presentation sketches, construction technology and working drawings, and learn about drafting and building practices relating to residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to analyse problems and visualise concepts, and prepare the output of digital presentation boards and designs.

Career Outcomes

You can look forward to working in interior design studios, architects studios, on film sets, in interior consultancy firms and with building companies. Possible roles include:

    Assistant Interior Design
    Architectural Illustration
    Commercial Interior Design
    Residential Interior Design
    Design Editorial/Writing for Industry Publications
    Set Design and Construction
    CADD Operations
    Self Employment


    BSBITU101A Operate a personal computer
    BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers
    BSBCMM401A Make a presentation
    C3ID001B Apply Foundational Colour Theory
    C3ID002B Develop Manual Drafting Skills
    C3ID003B Apply Design Processes to a ResidentialProject
    C3ID004B Apply Design Principles
    C3ID005B Research and Apply Natural and Man-made Materials
    C3ID006B Research Decorative Styles
    C3ID007B Develop Basic Graphic Communication Skills
    C3ID008B Apply Intermediate Colour Theory
    C3ID009B Analyse and Apply Relevant Building Regulations and Requirements
    C3ID010B Apply Design Processes to Kitchen Design
    C3ID011B Research and apply soft furnishing
    C3ID012B Design Furniture
    C3ID013B Research and Apply Product Knowledge
    C3ID014B Calculate and apply lighting design
    C3ID016B Produce identity standards for a freelance interior design business
    C3ID017B Design and Present a Visual Merchandising Display
    DPID021B Select Artworks for Interiors
    DPID022B Develop Intermediate Drafting Skills
    DPID023B Identify Architectural Styles
    DPID024B Apply Design Processes to a Commercial Project
    DPID025B Develop Basic CADD Skills
    DPID026B Extend Basic CADD Skills
    DPID027B Develop Intermediate CADD Skills
    DPID028B Extend Intermediate CADD Skills
    DPID029B Integrate Practical Building Services Application with Creative Design Solutions
    DPID030B Make a Model
    DPID032B Extend Graphic Communication Skills and Practice
    DPID033B Communicate Concepts Graphically
    DPID034B Research for a Complex Design Brief
    DPID035B Design an Original Concept for a Complex Design Brief
    DPID036B Document all Aspects of a Complex Design Brief

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