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Diploma of Business

What is: Modern Business?

In the modern business world, it has become essential to maintain an online (on the internet) presence to improve productivity and/or profitability of a business.  The growth of the Internet and a continuous decline in the cost of computing processing power continue to have an enormous impact on the way business is conducted across the world.  The Internet is not only used as an effective information and communication channel but, it has become a practical and critical business tool.  While traditional business theories and strategies still apply to the daily activities such as buying, selling, promotion, and management; e-commerce skills such as graphic design and web design has prominently become important as well.  The popularity and usefulness of the Internet and its proven benefits have made it a contemporary business strategy for path to success.

Program Overview

The Diploma of Business course not only offers students comprehensive skills from the business disciplines such as economics, project management, accounting, marketing, management, business law and information systems; students are also taught some useful multimedia skills to gain a better understanding of how an online business is maintained.  Through this added multimedia training, students benefit from a broader range of skills that could be widely applied in the creative aspects of a business.  This course is designed to produce business professionals that are industry ready and equipped for a business manager career.

Target Audience

This qualification is aimed towards individuals (both domestic and international students) who wish to obtain a breadth of knowledge and skills in the field of modern business.  It is recommended that potential students for this program have some background and/or interest in business, information technology and graphic design. Many students moving into this program have previously completed some level of training through a certificate, industry experience, or high school.
Entry Requirements

As all lessons and assessments are conducted in English, an adequate level of English is strongly recommended. This includes suitable levels of competence in reading, writing, and comprehending the English language. International students must comply with DIAC requirements and should have an IELTS or equivalent score of 5.5 or above.
Further Studies

AIT's Higher Education and Vocational Programs are highly regarded by the industry.  The quality of our courses and the teaching standards are recognised by leading universities across Australia.  This has allowed our students to obtain an advanced standing with affiliated universities providing them with the opportunity for further study should they wish to pursue a Bachelor or Masters Degree upon completion of AIT Courses.

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