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Diploma of Accounting

DURATION: 40 tuition weeks

ENTRY POINTS: February, March, April, May, July, August, October, November

LOCATION: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns

The Course

The course has been developed to provide a base qualification in the accounting discipline. The curriculum has been designed jointly by professional educators and industry specialists, and is nationally accredited. Holmes lecturers have both academic qualifications and practical industry experience.

On completion of the Diploma, students may find employment as accounts clerks, accounts payable or receivable, general office administration.
The course provides an excellent balance between theory and practice. Experiential learning, which includes group exercises, case studies, guest speakers from the industry and practical research projects, form an integral part of the course.
Course Structure

The course is delivered over 40 tuition weeks. Students will complete eight blocks of five weeks each and can expect to attend classes for an average of 20 hours per week.

Assessment is continuous throughout the course using a range of assessment tools which will include class exercises, assignments, case studies, practical demonstrations and examinations. Students must attempt all assessment items and are required to demonstrate competency in all aspects of the course.
Entry Requirements

Diploma program applicants will have completed Senior High School (Year 12 in Australia or the equivalent in their country of origin).

Advanced Standing

Students who have completed relevant studies or have experience which may be deemed equivalent to the Diploma course may apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Application can be made with the initial application or can be made within two weeks of the course commencement. Please note that RPL cannot result in an international student having less than a full time load of study (20 hours).
International Students

Entry into a Diploma program requires an English level at least equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or Upper Intermediate at a Holmes English Language Centre. Students who do not have evidence of their English Language level and who are given a "conditional" offer of a place dependant on their English level are advised to have their English ability assessed prior to the commencement of the course. This can be arranged by contacting the International Office or the Campus Manager at any Holmes Campus. If students fail to meet the entry requirements they may enroll on an English language program at a Holmes English Language Centre. For fees associated with such classes please refer to the current Dates and Fees schedule or contact the International Office.

Students on a student visa MUST be enrolled in a full-time course.
Diploma of Accounting FNS50204
 FNSICACC306B Core - Process journal entries
 FNSICACC304B Core - Prepare and bank receipts
 BSBADM408B Core - Prepare financial reports
 FNSICGEN301B Core - Communicate in the workplace
 BSBCMN308B Core - Maintain financial reports
 FNSACCT407B Core - Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
 FNSICGEN304B Core - Apply health and safety practices in the workplace
 FNSACCT503B Core - Manage budgets and forecasts
 FNS ACCT502B Core - Prepare income tax returns
 FNSACCT505B Elective - Establish and maintain accounting information systems
 FNSACCT504B Core - Prepare financial reports for a reporting entity
 FNSACCT506B Core - Implement and maintain internal control Procedures
 FNSACCT507B Core     Provide management accounting information
 FNSICIND401B Core - Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
 FNSACCT501B Elective - Provide financial and business performance information
 FNSACCT604B Elective - Monitor corporate governance activities
 FNSICGEN302B Core - Use technology in the workplace
Students must complete all of the modules to qualify for the diploma. The course may not necessarily be taught in the sequence shown.
Holmes reserves the right to amend course structure.

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