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Diploma of Accounting

60 weeks
(6 terms)


Vocational Outcomes

This course can offer opportunities to work as assistant Accountants, Office Managers of Financial Clerks. The Diploma of Accounting provides training in the preparation of financial reports, some knowledge of the legal framework in which a person in this position would operate and management information.

At the completion of this course students could expect to have a sound knowledge of accounting functions and processes and the preparation and submission to management of appropriate reports.

Subject Code Subject Name Code Competencies
FA201 Financial Accounting FNSACCT405B Prepare financial statements
    FNSACCT406B Maintain asset and inventory records
NAP730 Budgeting FNSACCT403B Prepare operational budgets
    FNSACCT503B Manage budgets and forecasts
NAP731 Management Accounting Principles FNSACCT402B Produce job costing information
    FNSACCT507B Provide management accounting information
    BSBMGT403A Implement continuous improvement
ACC02 Prepare Income Tax Returns FNSACCT502B Prepare income tax returns
NAP712 Company Accounting and Financial Statements FNSACCT504B Prepare financial reports for a reporting entity
NAP717 Internal Control Principles FNSACCT506B Implement and maintain internal control procedures
  adv dip sectoral core unit FNSACCT604B Monitor corporate governance activities
NAP735 Financial Management Principles FNSACCT501B Provide financial & business performance information
    FNSACCT607B Evaluate business performance
ASD21 Accounting System Design FNSACCT505B Establish and maintain accounting information systems
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