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Diploma in Information Technology

80 weeks
(8 terms)


Vocational Outcomes

This course is designed to prepare people who wish to pursue a career in IT and builds a wide range of skills in information Technology as well as Systems Design and project management. It also provides a level of knowledge of programming, web development and concludes with a higher  level of project work building on that completed in the Certificate IV courses.

Subject Code Subject Name Code Competencies
IT603 Systems Design 2 ICAA5056B Prepare disaster recovery and contingency plans
    ICAA5158B Translate business needs and technical requirements
    ICAP5039B Match IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise
    ICAT5081B Perform systems test
IT703 Advanced Java ICAB4229B Apply intermediate programming skills in another language (pre-req not taught)
    ICAB5228B Maintain functionality of legacy code programs
IT506 IT Management ICAB5230B Maintain custom software
    ICAA5148B Select new technology models for business
    ICAA5151B Gather data to identify business requirements
    ICAI5088B Evaluate and negotiate vendor offerings
    ICAA5150B Evaluate vendor products and equipment
IT505 Strategic Planning BSBWOR502A Ensure team effectiveness
    ICAP5155B Plan process reengineering strategies for business
    ICAA5143B Implement process re-engineering strategies in an organisation
    ICAI5216B Monitor and improve knowledge management systems
IT405 Web Development 2 ICAB5165B Create dynamic pages
    ICAT4185B Create a website testing procedure
    ICAT4184B Ensure site useability for a full range of users
    ICAT4186B Conduct operational acceptance tests of websites
IT309 Major Project (IT) 2 BSBPMG505A Manage project quality
    PSPPM502B Manage complex projects
    ICAS5202B Ensure Privacy for Users
  Added value English subjects  


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