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Certificate IV in Sport (Coaching) - (Duration 2 years)

Certificate IV in Sport Coaching has been designed to cater for individuals wanting to establish a career as an independent professional martial arts instructor in the martial arts industry instructing Wing Chun Kung Fu . This qualification can be achieved on its own (there are prerequisite competencies that will need to be completed first) or after having completed the SRS30303 Certificate III in Sport (Coaching). The graduate will attain an Advanced (Level 1) standard in Wing Chun enabling them to teach up to Grade 4 standard.
Core Modules: Communications, Administration and Management. Lead work teams. Client needs and service. Sport and Recreation law and legal principles, Analyse participation patterns in specific markets of the leisure and recreation industry, OH&S, analysing markets and risk analysis, Emerging technology.
Coaching Stream: Selecting teams or groups, Working with officials. Provide information regarding drugs in sport. Sports psychology, Eating for peak performance, Coach welfare, Recovery programming, Plan, Conduct and evaluate long term training programs. Facilitate a Group and Deal with conflict.
Martial Arts Specialisation: Teach advanced skills of martial arts.
Elective: Customised coaching for children, customised coaching for mature aged participants and customised coaching for people with disabilities. Sports trainer. Basic strength and conditioning with and without the use of resistance equipment. Other modules from certificate IV in Fitness.

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