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Certificate IV in Make-up (Full Time)



BODY ART, SPECIAL EFFECTS injury simulation

The course components are in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework

  • Design, apply and remove Make-up
  • Develop and apply industry Make-up
  • Follow health, and safety and security procedures
  • Break down a script
  • Conduct research
  • Dress hair for a performance or production
  • Maintain make-up continuity
  • Maintain wigs and hairpieces
  • Manage own work and learning
  • Work with others
  • Develop and apply industry knowledge

Each term students will be given a research assignment which will be due on the last day of the term.  The assignments cover various components of the course.  Marks will be deducted for late submission.
Students will need to complete their assignments out of class time.  The school has a library which contains many resource books available to the students to use while at the school.


At the end of terms 1, 2 and 3 students are required to complete a written and practical exam based on that term’s work and assignment. 
Students who are absent on the allocated exam day without prior approval from the Principal will need to produce a doctor’s certificate. 
Those students who fail to sit an exam on their allocated exam day and have received prior approval, will have the opportunity to complete their exam at a later scheduled date. 
If a student fails to sit an exam and has not been given prior consent, they may be able to sit their exam at a later date, however marks will be deducted accordingly.

Final Exams

At the completion of term 4, students are required to complete a series of practical exams as well as one theory exam.  This will be completed over a two-week period (approx) and the exams will be based on the work covered throughout the entire course.


The course structure includes photo shoots which are conducted with a professional photographer. The cost of these shoots are included in the course costs.  Students will need to arrange their own model for these shoots. 
Students must attend the photo shoot on their allocated day.  Students who are absent on the allocated photo shoot day without prior approval from the Principal will need to produce a doctor’s certificate.  Students who do not provide a doctor’s certificate, or have not been given prior consent, forfeit their photoshoot and may not be able to reschedule this shoot for a future date.
Teaching Methods

The tuition is face to face with the tutor first conducting a practical demonstration of the day’s lesson. The students will pair up and the first half of the class will repeat the tutor’s demonstration. The tutor will observe, assess and assist each student.  Then there will be a turn around and the second half of the class will have their turn.   


Modes of Study
Due to the practical nature of the Certificate IV course all components of the course need to be completed in class, on work experience or through the research assignments.  There are no sections of this course that can be completed online or by distance education.

Assessment Methods Used
Assessment methods include daily observation of skill competency, written and practical exams as well as term assignments. In addition, attendance is taken into account of student’s final results.

On Completion of the Course

Once a student has paid for, attended and graduated from the Certificate IV in Make-
up course at The Make-Up Technicians Pty Ltd he or she is welcome to attend any part of that full time course at no charge, providing there is a space available.
This facility is often used by graduates who have gone on an extended holiday sometime after the completion of their course and feel the need to revise their skills.

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