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Certificate IV in Commercial Arts (Graphic Design and Advertising)

Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast
Duration:42 weeks full time (including breaks), 600 hours classroom study
Intakes: February, June and October

This course will teach you to identify, analyse and solve design problems while developing your imagination. You'll learn about the advertising and graphic design industries as a whole, and understand the essence of graphic design - typography, layout and design, computer graphics, marker concepts and advertising.

You'll also sharpen your computer graphic skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign and will be ready to hit the ground running in the worlds of advertising, art and design or publishing.
Career Outcomes

As a graduate you'll be well on your way towards a career as a designer in an advertising company, graphic design studio, within a corporate presentation division, industrial design company (visualisation), information design organisation, electronic publishing company, desktop publishing company or in magazine publishing.
Roles include:

    Computer Finished Artists
    Junior Graphic Designers


    BSBWOR204A Use business technology
    C3001A Produce Commercial Sketches for Graphic Design
    C3002A Analyse Colour for Design
    C3003A Apply Typography & Layout for Design
    C3004A Create 2D Design (Basic)
    C3005A Produce Finished Art (Basic)
    C3006A Research Printing Processes (Theory)
    C3007A Produce Finished Art (Intermediate)
    C3008A Apply Professional Practice
    C3009A Prepare a Portfolio
    C3010A Produce Electronic Design (Fundamentals)
    C3011A Produce Electronic Imaging (Basic)
    C4015A Illustrate for Design (Black and White)
    C4016A Apply Fundamental Advertising Principles
    C4017A Create 2D Design (Intermediate)
    C4018A Produce Commercial Illustrations
    C4019A Produce Finished Art (Advanced)
    C4020A Produce Electronic Imaging (Intermediate)
    C4021A Produce Electronic Design (Advanced)
    C4022A Research Copyright (Theory)
    C4023A Illustrate for Design (Colour)
    ICPM263B Access and use the Internet

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