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Certificate II in Sport (Coaching) - (Duration 1 year)

Certificate II in Sport Coaching for the Martial Arts has been designed to cater for individuals wanting to establish a career as an instructor in the martial arts industry specialising in Wing Chun Kung Fu. The graduate will attain an Intermediate (Grade 3) standard in Wing Chun enabling them to teach up to Grade 2 standard.
Core Modules: Communication, Administration, Dealing with Clients, Operating Computer Packages, First Aid, Sport and Recreation industry and Occupational Health and Safety.
Coaching Stream: Operate in accord with accepted coaching practices, styles and ethical responsibilities. Apply rules and regulations to conduct games and competitions. Assist in preparing and conducting sport and recreation sessions for participants. Provide equipment for activities.
Martial Arts Specialisation: Develop knowledge of the martial arts industry. Collect information on the structure, foundations and philosophy of the martial arts industry. Teach and develop the basic skills of martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu).
Elective: Develop and maintain a volunteer program. Develop practices to establish effective club management. Implement injury prevention and apply basic first aid. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the facility. Front-line management.
Elective units may be drawn from the Certificates III and IV in Fitness

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