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Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)


320 cp
Minimum duration: 4 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

Available at

  • Melbourne Campus Vic
  • Brisbane Campus QLD
  • Strathfield Campus NSW

New South Wales and ACT

Assumed knowledge: Mathematics (other than General Mathematics) for studies in Mathematics minor or Mathematics specialisation.


Prerequisites: English (4, SA); Recommended study: Mathematics (any).


Prerequisites: Units 3 and 4 - a study score of at least 25 in English (any); units 1 and 2 in Mathematics.

DEFERMENT: Deferment is available for 12 months. Find out more about deferment:

Deferment of a place

This is a combined course satisfying the requirements for the Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts. The course is designed for those intending to become teachers in secondary schools. A range of Bachelor of Arts sequences and units are available and students have a broad range of choice of their major and of one minor sequence. Students are advised to select at least one of these sequences from a main school teaching area. In Victoria they must both be from main teaching areas. There is also a major Education sequence. The Bachelor of Teaching requirements foster the acquisition and development of the students' basic professional knowledge, skills and attitudes required of an effective classroom teacher. The inclusion of units in Theology and Religious Education enables graduates to gain accreditation to teach Religious Education.

The dual degree program is designed to:

  1. offer studies in the Humanities, Computing, Mathematics (Victoria and New South Wales), Technology and Visual Arts (New South Wales only) in order to develop the knowledge, skills and conventions of these academic disciplines, and the capacity for rigorous, sustained, analytical thinking;
  2. contribute to students' personal, spiritual and moral development through training in analysis, evaluation, interpretation, objective appraisal of arguments, and identification of salient justice issues;
  3. enable graduates to take an active part in the debates that inform a modern, democratic society and to serve the wider community in its ethical, spiritual and cultural development;
  4. facilitate, within the Christian tradition, the development of reflective, culturally aware, and responsive individuals able to function effectively as beginning teachers in a variety of settings, particularly Catholic schools, and committed to continuing professional development.

Professional Recognition

Students must complete professional experience units during which time they are required to be available full-time.

Working with Children Check

Students accepting a place in this course are required to participate in a number of professional placements throughout their program. In order to participate in professional experience it is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they are able to successfully complete the child protection screening required in their state. Students, who are not cleared for working with children and therefore not be able to be placed in a compulsory professional placement, will not be able to complete their course.

In Victoria, all students must apply for and obtain a Working With Children Check before they will be permitted to participate in the Professional Experience program.

There are no exceptions to this requirement and no student will be placed in a school without a valid Working With Children Check.

Students must obtain an application form for a Working With Children Check (WWCC) stamped with a University Stamp at Enrolment or during the enrolment period. It is the student's responsibility to submit the application form and, upon receiving the Working With Children Check/Card, submit the original Working With Children Check/Card and a copy of the original to Professional Experience personnel at the appropriate campus.

The Professional Experience personnel will sight the original Working With Children Check/Card, verify its authenticity and return it to the student. The copy will be placed in the student's Professional Experience file. Students must carry the WWCC every time they visit a school or work with children as part of their University Course.

International students must obtain and present their relevant police check from their home country and from any other country/ies where they have been domiciled for twelve months or more for the last ten years. These police checks must be sighted and authenticated before students will be permitted to undertake a Professional Experience in schools.

English Language Requirements

Teacher registration also requires students to meet the English language requirements in their state. It is the students' responsibility to develop their English language skills during their candidature to ensure that they meet the registration guidelines, which usually require a score of at least 7.0 in each of the IELTS bands.

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