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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology)

The Honours program in Psychology prepares graduates for entry into a career in psychology (i.e., provisional registration as a psychologist in addition to two years of supervised training).  The program also prepares graduates for the fifth and sixth years of their professional training (eg Masters degree; PhD).  The program is accredited as the equivalent of a fourth year of study in psychology.

Entry requirements

Completion of an accredited three-year sequence of study in psychology in Australia, or equivalent. Applicants are assessed on academic merit and must have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.5 on the Bond University 4.0 point scale for all second and third level psychology subjects. Where students have not achieved this level, or competition for places has excluded them, students may be offered a place in the Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology program.

Professional Outcomes

Under supervision, graduates can pursue careers in the professional practice of psychology including clinical, forensic or organisational psychology, counselling, health and community psychology, research and other specialist areas.

Work Experience & Internships

There are no provisions in this program for Work Experience and Internships.


This program has been granted Conditional Accreditation by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Important Notes for students:

Upon completion of 4th year training many students apply for probationary registration as a psychologist. Probationary registration permits the professional practice of psychology and can be achieved either through Pathway 1 (two years of supervised practice), or Pathway 2 (Postgraduate studies in Psychology). Students who intend to apply for probationary registration either through supervised practice or enrolment in Postgraduate studies (eg Master of Psychology (Clinical or Forensic) at Bond University) should be aware of the registration requirements. One of the Psychologists Board of Queensland registration requirements is that students who obtain their undergraduate qualifications outside of an 'approved qualification' in Australia or New Zealand must have them assessed as being equivalent to an accredited three year sequence of study in psychology in Australia. When assessing suitability for entry into 4th year programs, Bond University makes every effort to ensure that core topics covered in undergraduate degrees obtained outside of Australia are equivalent to those required in an accredited three-year sequence of study in psychology in Australia, however we do not guarantee the equivalence of these degrees. Students who obtained their three-year undergraduate qualifications outside of Australia should be aware that successful completion of the 4th year program might not be sufficient for registration as a psychologist and/or the membership requirements of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The APS typically carries out equivalency assessments on behalf of the Psychologists Board of Queensland. If you obtained your three-year undergraduate qualifications outside of Australia and intend to apply for probationary registration, it is advisable to have your qualifications assessed by the APS prior to enrolling in your 4th year program. For more information on equivalency assessments please visit www.psychology.org.au Information on Psychologists Board of Queensland registration requirements can be obtained from www.psychologyboard.qld.gov.au.


Most students undertake four subjects per semester (equivalent to 40 credit points). You may, however, enrol in fewer subjects and extend your degree over a longer period.

Bond's Teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.

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