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Bachelor of Medical Science (Specialisation)

DURATION: 3 years full time


LOCATION: Rockhampton

• The curriculum incorporates up to 480 hours of work-integrated learning.
• Three specialisations, clinical investigation, nutrition or pathology, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your needs, after completing first-year foundation courses.

The Bachelor of Medical Science provides you with opportunities to work in an exciting and rewarding career in one of three specialist areas: pathology, clinical investigation or nutrition. Each of the specialist areas explores relevant health and disease issues. Medical laboratory scientists or pathologists examine bodily samples to assist in making a diagnosis regarding a patient’s medical condition. Clinical physiologists (clinical investigation) measure function within the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system to exclude or confirm disease and then monitor progress in response to therapy. Nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs, provide advice on healthy eating practices and help people modify eating behaviour when needed.

You will be qualified to work in a variety of health professional roles within the specialist area selected as a pathologist, clinical physiologist or nutritionist for a wide variety of government and private organisations in the healthcare industry. If you choose to exit at the associate degree level, you are able to seek employment as a health technician.

The Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathology) has been designed to meet the accreditation requirements of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) and accreditation is pending. The Clinical Investigation specialisation plan has been developed in conjunction with the relevant professional Societies (ANZSRS, ANTA, QPICS). The Nutrition specialisation plan has been developed in accordance with guidelines of the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA).

There are several compulsory residential schools/workshops attached to the program when taken by distance education.
You are required to undertake up to 480 hours of compulsory off-campus clinical placements during the three years of the program within the professional practice and work-integrated learning courses.

• Associate Degree in Medical Science (16 courses)

• Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Sciences

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