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Bachelor of Information Technology

The course is based on a number of core units, which cover the fundamentals of information technology. These units provide students with knowledge and skills in programming, systems design, networks and operating systems. The underlying focus will be on the fundamental concepts which enable students to become skilled professionals in all areas of web-based development. These core units will be complemented by elective studies in areas associated with software development, networking or electronic commerce.

The later units of the course enable students to exercise, develop and apply their knowledge and skills in areas where the Internet and World Wide Web are increasing in importance. There will be a balance between specific knowledge of particular developmnet tools (languages, operating systems, development environments) and general lifelong learning skills which ensure that graduates are able to remain at the forefront of this vibrant and rapidly developing sector.

Year 1

Semester 1

Communication & Technology 

Programming 1 

Multimedia Communication


Semester 2

Network Operating Systems

Programming 2

Database Management Systems


Year 2  

Semester 1

Software Engineering: Analysis and Design

Network Protocols & Services  

WWW Technology 1   

Semester 2

World Wide Web Technology 2

Introduction to IT Project Management

Computing Elective 


Year 3 - Students may choose to do either a 15 credit point project or a 30 crdit point project.
If they select the larger project, they do 5 elective units rather than 6.  

Semester 1 

Professional Development    
Computing Elective    
Specialist Stream A 1   
Specialist Stream B 1  

Semester 2

Computing Elective

Computing Elective

Specialist Stream A 2

Specialist Stream B 2

Specialist streams  

Electronic Commerce
CP787 Electronic Commerce 1
CP788 Electronic Commerce 2

CP753 Advanced Network Services
CP754 Network Operating Systems Internals

Business Intelligence 
Artificial Intelligence 
CP742 Knowledge Based Systems 

CP783 Project 1
CP784 Project 2

Elective Sequence Extension
Units relevant to form a major sequence

*Electives: Any other suitable computing and non-computing units which support the rationale and objectives of the course.

- As they are subject to staff availability, there is no guarantee that every unit will beoffered in any particular semester.
- All units are subject to change through the processes of regular course revision.
- This information was correct at the time of publishing.

Entry requirements: Successful completion of Year 12, or equivalent

English requirements: Equivalent IELTS 6.0

Course duration: Six semesters

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