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Bachelor of Exercise Science

Course Overview The Bachelor of Exercise Science provides students with an understanding of the biological responses during exercise, and the response to exercise by people of different ages and physical conditions. The body responds differently to various exercise doses and students will learn how to measure these differences to then be able to recommend optimal exercise doses in the treatment of disease. The Bachelor of Exercise Science will produce graduates who are critical thinkers, with strong biological understanding, and who can clearly communicate with patients. Learning strategies include a mix of lectures, tutorials and practical sessions using problem solving, case studies and clinical reasoning. Career Outcomes The Bachelor of Exercise Science provides a strong knowledge base for students interested in ‘exercise as the new medicine’, providing pathways into further study to become a Doctor, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. The Bachelor of Exercise Science is the preferred pathway for entry into Bond’s Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)*, a two year full-time course. Graduates will also be well placed to gain employment as cardiac technologists, sleep technicians, respiratory technicians, trainee sonographers and pharmaceutical representatives. COMBINED DEGREES / FURTHER STUDY To increase the range of career outcomes available many students complete a dual degree or postgraduate study. Popular choices for Bachelor of Exercise Science students include: Bachelor of Exercise Science, Doctor of Physiotherapy* (4 years full-time study) Graduate outcomes include qualified physiotherapist. Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Educational Practice (3 years full-time study) Graduate outcomes include Health and Physical Education teacher. Bachelor of Exercise Science, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Exercise Science) with Honours (3 years full-time study) Graduate outcomes include PhD candidate. Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of High Performance Science (3 years full-time study) RELATED COURSES Bachelor of Sports Science Master of Sports Science Doctor of Physiotherapy Scholarships We offer a range of scholarships to help students with the costs of tuition. One 100% tuition scholarship is provided each year for an eligible student to study the Bachelor of Exercise Science or a double degree including a Bachelor of Exercise Science. All scholarships, including benefits and requirements are detailed in the Bond University Scholarship Program.

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