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Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management) (BESEM)

About the Course
This course is a professionally oriented, multidisciplinary program that enables students to acquire a broad base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in unique environments of the Northern Territory. It includes a strong focus on environmental science and management in tropical and desert environments in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.


The course provides students with a thorough knowledge of environmental science and management, together with the ability to access information efficiently and apply scientific methodologies across a hierarchy of scales ranging from the level organisms in communities through to landscape level ecosystem functioning and global processes in order to evaluate, understand and predict the nature of environmental change.


Students also explore the wider significance of human impacts on environmental change, including climate change and variability, population pressure and resource utilisation, water resources, invasive species, loss of soil health, modified fire regimes, as well as relationships between people and their landscapes.


Graduates gain employment in professional areas of environmental science and environmental management, or proceed to higher levels of research training.


This course has been updated since the publication of the 2008 SATAC University Guide and the Charles Darwin University Undergraduate Course Guide to include the external mode of delivery.


Course Structure
The course consists of common units and core units that are common to environmental science studies in the School of Environmental and Life Sciences. Students then select a study pathway from the environmental management specialisation options offered as well as electives from any area of study within the University. The course structure reflects the wider significance and relevance of environmental issues confronting society today and its flexibility enables students to develop study pathways for a variety of career choices.


A Bachelor of Science (Honours) is available to eligible graduates of this course.


A candidate must successfully complete units totalling 240 credit points.


Career Opportunities

Graduates gain employment in professional areas of environmental science and environmental management in public or private sector organisations, or proceed to higher levels of research training.


There are Admission Requirements and English Language Requirements for International Students.

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