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Bachelor of Design- Product Design

This course is not available at the Sydney campus.

In an increasingly competitive commercial and technological world, product design has never played such a central and important role in re-designing the ever-changing environment. Product design completely surrounds us; from the computers and mobile phones we use, to the furniture we sit on, to the utensils and appliances we use in the home and to the transportation devices we use. We use, consume, and interact with these products on a daily basis. The experience we have with them will be positive or negative. These experiences are not limited to the physical; they also affect the emotional aspects of human interaction. A positive emotional interaction with a product will stimulate a purchase; encourage increased use leading to product recommendation and repurchase. The product designer is responsible for creating interesting and innovative products that stimulate, excite, and interact with the consumer in an environmentally sustainable manner.

3 Year Program

The Product Design course encourages creativity of commercially viable and ecologically friendly products - through conceptualisation, innovation, originality, technical skills and professionalism at all levels. Close ties with industry also give the student a strong sense of 'reality' and realisation of career prospects for the future. Students will experience a broad-based, diagnostic curriculum during year one, grasping investigational, analytical and problem solving design skills through a project-based, modular system. We include the investigation and understanding of varying materials, processes and applications for use in product design. Concurrently, students will explore design and cultural issues through design history and theory modules. Technology skills are also introduced early using 2D and 3D software applications for Product Design.

Year two offers a more defined specialisation in Product Design encouraging confidence in scale and scope of design issues and aesthetic sensitivities. More advanced modules in computer applications are also included. Students will also be encouraged to be more 'self-directed' in their studies during year two of the program.

The final year allows the student to pursue their particular area of interest through a free choice major project. Further knowledge in professional practice is taught along with advanced computer analysis modules. A six week internship is also included in the final year. This gives valuable experience of a real working environment of product designers for the student. The preceding knowledge amalgamates in the final year to produce professionally orientated graduates with high level of technical and creative skills that find placement in manufacturing and creative industries around the world.


Product designers find employment as:  

  • Electrical Product Designer 
  • Furniture Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Transportation Designer
  • Toy Designer
  • Public Space Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Glass Designer

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