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Bachelor of Design- Interior Design

Interior Design is about spaces and the needs of the people that occupy them. Interior designers work in three-dimensions and need to consider space allocation, building services, traffic flow, furniture, fixtures and surface finishes. The designer not only works on the aesthetic, but also the functional, social, safety and cultural aspects of the environment.

The interior design course will give you the confidence and skill you need to really make a difference in this booming discipline. A successful interior designer needs to understand the technical requirements of a project, as well as have good interpersonal communication skills and management strategies. This major will teach you an appreciation of design, lighting and colour, and provide you with technical skills to create unique spaces.

You'll learn to convert your ideas from conceptual drawings to detailed building specifications and technical drawings of practical projects which will challenge you to find creative, functional solutions to a variety of briefs. There is a very good balance between the theories that underpin the understanding and articulation of design ideas and concepts, and the hands-on practical application of those theories.

To fully support you, we provide the appropriate building, construction and communication technologies to give you the confidence needed to have an impact on your professional world. From awkward domestic spaces to vast shopping malls, interior design is a diverse and global discipline which can take you and your talent wherever you want to go.


As more developing countries move from manufacturing to a service-based industry, the interior design professional tends to benefit the most. In recent years the scope of work for interior designers has expanded from designing residential interiors to:

  • Residential - Houses and Units

  • Office Design (General, Commercial, Professional)

  • Financial Institutions (Banks, Insurance, Brokers)

  • Hospitality (Resort / Hotels, Restaurants, Bars / Pubs)

  • Exhibition (Museums, Trade Exhibitions)

  • Retail (Shopping Centres, Malls, Shops, Food Courts)

These institutions also employ interior designers to look after their interests, especially in property management and maintenance.

Other consultancy prospects include:

Interior designer for an architectural firm
You'll be working closely with the architects to develop a style that's consistent with their vision for the project. You could also have an individual responsibility for aspects of the project.

Interior designer for an interior design firm
Interior design firms can work with any architectural firm, developer or private client on almost any kind of project. The job is varied and can include working on a hospital one week, an exhibition another week, and a nightclub the next.

Interior designer for theatre set design
This specialised area requires specific skills related to dramatic staging, not only in traditional theatre, but also in movies, videos, and TV commercials.

The rewards

As with most professions, the salary range is pretty broad and very much depends on your drive and passion. The starting salary for graduates is up to $30,000 pa. As your career progresses so will your salary. Interior design is a profession with great possibilities for advancement. You may begin as a junior designer or assistant and soon become a senior designer, project manager, or partner in a firm. A head of design or design director can easily command a six-figure salary.

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Design Degree (majoring in Interior Design) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Interior Design Studio
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory
Computing for Design
20th Century Design and Culture

Semester 2
Interior Design Materials and Technologies
Computer Aided Drawing
Interior Design Past and Present
Design Research Interactive Systems

Semester 3

Residential Interiors
CAD for Interior Design
Sustainable Design

Semester 4

Commercial Interior Design
Building Materials and Technology
Design and Subculture
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5
Public Space Design
Architectural Drawing and Digital Interiors
Design and Business Management
Design Futures

Semester 6
Industry Experience
Major Research Project or Major Studio Project

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