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Bachelor of Design- Graphic Design

Graphic Design is everywhere you look. Think packaging, advertising, brochures, signage, corporate identity, magazines, and the internet. It deals with and shapes communication in a visual world and as such, is a broad and flexible discipline offering amazing possibilities.

Studying graphic design will encourage you to identify and develop your own individual creative personality. The course provides a structure which opens the door to your creativity and personal growth. It will provide all the necessary ingredients including freedom, structure and encouragement, empowering your personal and professional life.

First you'll master the basics. You'll begin by learning all the practical and theoretical skills needed. With confidence and expertise in these core skills, you'll start to explore all the different areas of graphic design, including corporate identity, advertising, editorial design, package design and website design. You'll be given individual tuition by industry-based lecturers and encouraged to focus your energies on developing your own personal creativity.

Taught by inspirational lecturers, you'll gather great skills, techniques and useful knowledge in a diverse range of areas including illustration, design, desktop publishing, multimedia, and history of graphic design. Gathering skills and technical knowledge in a diverse range of areas, you'll graduate with the ability to find creative solutions to problems using your own individual style.

By the end of the course, you will be confident, capable and ready to work. You'll graduate with a strong sense of creative wisdom that will be greatly valued and highly desirable to future employers. You'll also have created for yourself an outstanding portfolio of high quality work that will showcase your individual style, talent and specialist skills to a world that's full of exciting opportunities.


Graphic Designer
Graphic designers are usually responsible for the design and production of a broad range of graphics used in corporate identity, brochures, packaging and a whole lot more. You could be designing a logo for a restaurant or multinational company one day, a wine label the next and a CD cover after that.

Advertising Art Director

Advertising art directors usually work with a copywriter to create advertising campaigns. Your work could include television commercials, a magazine or press advertisement, outdoor posters or even on-line advertising.

Editorial Designer

As an editorial designer you could work for a publishing company, such as ACP or Murdoch Magazines, designing the latest edition of Marie Claire, Wired or FHM, or even the look for a whole new magazine.


If you've got a special talent for illustration, you could become involved in book, magazine and press illustration, rendering storyboards for advertisements or animation.

Website Designer

As a website designer you'll be involved in developing the look and structure of web sites. This can include everything from site navigation to overall design and visual execution.

The rewards

You salary will depend totally on your talent, determination and passion for your job. Generally a graduate will earn up to $35,000 pa in their first job. Also depending on talent and determination, this could increase over a career to a salary of $200,000 or more.

And how about the cool factor of seeing your work on the side of a bus, on a supermarket shelf, bookstore or on TVů

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Design Degree (majoring in Graphic Design) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Graphic Design and Communication Studio
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory
Computing for Design
20th Century Design and Culture

Semester 2
Graphic and Multimedia Studio
Applied Graphics and Imaging
Visual Language Past and Present
Design Research Interactive Systems

Semester 3
Print Media and Graphic Design
Visual Communication and Imaging
Sustainable Design

Semester 4
Graphics for Products and Spaces
Integrated Visual Systems
Design and Subculture
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5
Graphic Design and Society
Print and Pre-Press Portfolio
Design and Business Management
Design Futures

Semester 6

Industry Experience
Major Research Project or Major Studio Project

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