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Bachelor of Design- Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing requires an eye for style and a head for business and will put you at the intersection of fashion and business.

This course teaches you how to market fashion, bringing the world's fashion from the designer's studio to the wholesale showroom and to the retail outlets. You'll learn a wide range of business activities in fashion, branding, retail, merchandising and international marketing that fosters creativity, innovation and good business acumen.

Fashion marketing is an exciting field that opens up many opportunities in the fashion industry. It's one of the major components that drive the fashion industry. You'll learn how to develop, analyse and implement brand strategies, study buying and merchandising practices, plan and execute effective advertising and promotional strategies.

As the fashion and retail industries continue to grow, more trained fashion marketers and managers are needed by fashion houses to remain competitive. The broad-based skills acquired in this course can be applied to many areas such as marketing, merchandising, publishing, advertising and fashion show productions as well as luxury goods and mainstream consumer products. Our Fashion Marketing graduates will be ready to assume professional work in the fast-paced fashion industry in public relations and marketing consultancies.

You'll work with classmates on professional presentations with real-world scenarios and you'll complete your Degree with fashion marketing proposals and a professional portfolio that will take you straight into your first job.


Fashion marketing and merchandising professionals are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell the products created by fashion designers. Marketing, merchandising and buying are all closely related and include both retail and wholesale. Depending on the job, it may be just one or a combination.

Fashion Merchandiser

It is the role of the fashion merchandiser to create a positive customer experience in store. This sometimes includes choosing what to sell. A fashion merchandiser needs to understand how the customers think and feel as where and how items are displayed has a huge impact on sales.

Fashion Marketer

Simply put, the job is to promote fashion. Being able to connect the world of fashion with the general public involves advertising, being aware of current trends and being able to help set future ones.

Fashion Buyer / Fashion Agent

Retailers rely on buyers and agents to develop their range for sale for presentation in the retail environment and the fashion buyer seeks out the product, briefs the designers and manufacturers and lead the in-store placement.

Other specialist careers can include:

Photoshoot Stylist / Television Styling

When a photographer, cameraman or cinematographer approaches the photo shoot a stylist is needed to guide the shoot to ensure that the brand and marketing aspirations of the shoot is met. This is the job of the Photoshoot Stylist.

Fashion Journalist

Being able to write about designers, trends and new collections requires a knowledge of fashion history as well as an ability to predict successful trends. Fashion journalism helps to build success of the industry and consumer understanding of new design and new approaches to existing products.

Brand Manager

Many organisations require individuals to become responsible for their brand/s to ensure the development of the brand, to enhance brand value, and to improve profitability, brand recognition and brand equity.

Visual Merchandiser

In the retail sector the presentation of goods both "in the flesh" or in photographs displays or presentations require special design management and creative skills. The visual merchandiser brings these skills to bear on achieving visual attraction to merchandise and point of sale.

Magazine Layout / Publishing

In the publishing industry the layout of magazines, the development of the community of critical comment is guided by experts in the field of fashion, brand and consumerism. This course is the beginning point for this type of career.

The rewards

A career in fashion marketing is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding and provides opportunities to drive trends and sales in fashion. As a new marketing assistant you can expect to earn about $35,000 pa. With more experience this can easily increase to $120,000 for a local brand manager or product buyer working offshore.

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Design Degree (majoring in Fashion Marketing) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Design, Business and Law
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory
Computing for Design
20th Century Design and Culture

Semester 2
Design and Marketing
Applied Graphics and Imaging
Design Research Interactive Systems

Semester 3
Business Communication
Fashion Communication
Sustainable Design

Semester 4
Strategic Marketing
Design and Subculture
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5
Social Psychology of Fashion
Brand Management
Design Futures

Semester 6
Industry Experience
Major Research Project or Major Studio Project

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