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Bachelor of Design- Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a fabulous choice if you've got your finger on the pulse and you have a passion for what's fashionable.

Our course will help you to discover and explore the individual style and talent you can offer this high profile industry. You'll develop your skills and interests with projects which build technical know-how in everything from concept to catwalk.

This major will introduce you to both high fashion (haute couture) as well as ready-to-wear fashion, using both the computer as well as traditional manual skills. You'll explore the complete garment-making process and will be presenting your finished pieces at the end of each semester to a marking panel of experts, which include fashion industry experts such as famous designers and retailers.

You'll work on developing a design idea for a collection from concept through to production and marketing. You'll also work with classmates on professional presentations which simulate real-world scenarios. Our innovative approach to specialised market sectors like knitwear is one of the most distinguishing features of the course, which allows you to approach fashion design from various creative angles.

At the end of each academic year, you'll get to present your final range to your family and friends, the public and industry during a professional live fashion show which highlights all students work across the semesters. The fashion show is the prime example of our aims and objectives in the course which are to identify and develop the talents and interests of each student, polish their technical skills, and introduce them to real-life fashion design environments.

Fashion is a global as well as local multi-million dollar business, which increasingly demands students to be multi-skilled in both manual and digital technologies. When you complete your Degree, you'll have a magnificent final range and a professional portfolio to take you straight into your first job.

Check out information about our Annual Fashion Show. In a special one-off sponsorship deal in 2007, we were major sponsors of the FGI (Fashion Group International) conference held in Sydney for the first time since FGI was established in 1930.



A fashion designer needs to be in touch with global trends, and to have the talent to add something new to them. Knowledge of fabrics and pattern-making combined with good illustration and teamwork skills are essential.

Production Coordinator

The person responsible for coordinating the manufacture of an individual garment or an entire collection, from concept and sample stage through to delivery to the sales outlet.

Pattern Maker

The pattern maker creates templates of the different shapes of fabric which, when combined, form the finished garment. The skill is in the ability to visualise how two-dimensional shapes will join to form the three-dimensional shape.

Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator works with a wide range of people creating images which represent the visions of garments needed at pre-production and post production stage. Often designers and production manufacturers are unable to capture the look of both the potential client and the garment, but an illustrator will take the design brief and quickly draw this vision so that the designer can make an assessment of the success and validity of their vision. An illustrator needs to be a good listener and be able to work under pressure. They must have good drawing skills, a talent for mixed media and be able to use computer technology to develop illustrations.

Fashion Stylist

The fashion stylist plays a vital part in the representation of fashion garments. They work with magazine editors, photographers and designers and are responsible for the entire look of the fashion model when placed in front of a camera and on a catwalk in a fashion parade. They design and coordinate the model, the hair, make up, the mix of garments and location. They must have a strong interest in global trends, be aware of the differing style agendas of editors, photographers and designers, possess a keen eye for design, know what the world needs next and have their 'finger on the fashion pulse' at all times.

Other careers include:

Design Room Assistant
Design Room Co-ordinator
Product Developer
Pattern maker's assistant
Production Manager
Production Assistant
Despatch Room Co-ordinator
Production and maintenance in Theatre and Costume departments
Textile Designer
Fabric/Textile development & Consultation
Fashion Buyer
Buyer's Assistant
Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Retailer

The rewards

From $35,000 pa for a new design assistant, to $120,000 for a local head designer or product developer working offshore. When you're internationally recognised you can name your price. In other careers, such as a production coordinator, salaries start from around$40,000. A patternmaker can earn around $60 per hour freelance, or up to $60,000 pa full time.

Standing out from the crowd with your own "look" priceless.

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Design Degree (majoring in Fashion Design) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Fashion Design Studio
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory
Computing for Design
20th Century Design and Culture

Semester 2
Fashion Design and Development
Applied Graphics and Imaging
Fashion Past and Present
Design Research Interactive Systems

Semester 3
Textile Technology and Design
Pattern Design Systems
Sustainable Design

Semester 4
Fashion and Culture
Digital Marker and Grading
Design and Subculture
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5
Men's Wear and Women's Wear Collection
Brand Management
Design and Business Management
Design Futures

Semester 6
Industry Experience
Major Research Project or Major Studio Project

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