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Bachelor of Commerce Tourism

Tourism is the perfect avenue if you're interested in combining your work with travel. It focuses on the behaviour and motivation of tourists and the businesses which service them as well as the economic and social impacts of tourism.

By studying a commerce degree, you'll develop an understanding of the importance of management and marketing and you'll extend your skills base. Research, critical thinking and analysis are all part of the study of tourism within the structure of a commerce degree. You'll also gain an understanding of the principles of hospitality, which is closely linked to tourism management.


Globally tourism is already one of the main income earners for an increasing number of countries. Some estimates indicate that travel and tourism are responsible for approximately 10% of all jobs worldwide. In Australia certainly, tourism is one of the key industries, contributing billions of dollars into our economy annually, which translates into millions of jobs and career opportunities.

The field of tourism is quite diverse and covers a wide range of areas:

  • Transport
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Arts and culture
  • Hotels, food and beverage
  • Ecotourism
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Resorts
  • Travel management consultancies
  • Tourism authorities
  • Marketing and sales in the tourism industry

Course Outline  

The Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Tourism) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Management Essentials for Today's Business
Marketing Basics for Competitive Positioning
Data Management for Business Success
Key Economic Principles for Business

Semester 2
Managing People and Organisations
Trends and Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism
Managing Business Information in Hospitality and Tourism
Tourism Planning and Development

Semester 3
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Essential E-marketing Strategy
Effective Communication in the Corporate Environment
Tourism Elective

Semester 4
Understanding Today's Consumers
Success Strategies for International Marketing
Tourism Elective
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
Tourism Elective

Semester 6

Industry Experience
Integrative Tourism Project

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